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* [WP plugin] – Amazon affiliate product comparisons

Hi! :-)

If you are an Amazon affiliate and want to:

- Make Google like your site even more
- Provide more value to your visitors
- Make more sales

… then check out this WordPress plugin:

What it does is it allows you to create Amazon product
comparison tables, (embedded with your Amazon affiliate
link of course.)

You can include each table via a shortcode in your posts and pages.

You can create as many tables as you want on the same blog.



“I’ve spent hours failing to create by hand what your
plugin does in a couple of minutes.”

“this is brilliant”

“What a great solution to a Highly Publicized issue
that affiliate marketers are dealing with. I just love the
simplicity of this…”

“the support was outstanding”
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

It’s very easy to use. I’m no technical wizard and yet
I was able to set up my first table in just 3 minutes :-)

Normal price is $37 but you can download it for $9.97 from:

Talk soon,


PS. If you purchase by using the link above, you will
be able to use the plugin on unlimited blogs you own.
If you want a developer’s license to use it on your client’s
sites, you can buy the developer’s version from the link below
(this will take you directly to the Paypal order form for $27)


* Done-for-you list of talented but cheap workers – (Outsourcing Blitzkrieg 2.0)

Hi! :-)

QUESTION: what’s the difference between those who make
$100 per month and those who make $10,000 per month?

ANSWER: The $10,000-per-month marketers OUTSOURCE.

They let someone *else* do the “little stuff” and
they just focus on high-level activities (like coming
up with evil plans of World domination -

I just finished going through a very UNUSUAL course on

What’s so different about it?

1) It doesn’t just tell you about Elance, Freelancer,
Scriptlance, Vworker or the other done-to-death
outsourcing sites. Instead the course focuses on
finding people on and on the Warrior Forum.

2) It doesn’t just tell you “here’s how to find
them” – it has ALREADY found them for you and gives
you direct links to their services! Articles, press
releases, bakclinks, graphic design, keyword research,
video services, website creation, WordPress, Facebook -
you name it!


“The information in this WSO is worth more than ten
times its cost”

“there is so much valuable content it it is simply a
complete no brainer”

“this is a timesaver – it does the research for you,
saves you $$’s in trial and error finding reliable,
high quality people”

- – - – - – - – - – - – - -

I’ll be honest with you – I thought that most people
offering services on Fiverr and on the Warrior forum
are full of it (and it’s true) – but, after going
through the course, I have already found a few
“gems” that I will be sending quite a bit of work to
from now on :-)

Check it out here:

Talk soon,


PPS. This is 181 pages and took 3 months to put
together. It’s a *massive* resource on finding people
to do the stuff you hate doing. And very often they are
willing to do it for peanuts!

* Better than Amazon? (Physical Products Passive Profits)


I just finished going through a very interesting video
course on making money by promoting physical

The course is about creating simple sites that are rank
highly even after the Google Panda update…

- – - EXAMPLE WEBSITE: – - -

One website that uses this method is in the “bridal
headpieces” niche and the URL is:

This system has made about $2,500+ in passive profit
per year in just this niche.

This may not be “1 million bucks in a day”, but the
system is something doable that you can follow…


- Don’t go into 100 different niches. Instead, stast
with ONE profitable niche and build many sites around
THAT niche

- Mass linking strategies still work BUT you should
always start by getting the highest-quality links


“This is a great course.”

“You will learn a serious amount of great info”

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

Check it out here:

Talk soon,


* [WP Plugin] “REMOTE plugin and theme updater…”


3 days ago, I came across a really cool WordPress
plugin that will save me (and you) a TON of time, money
and effort!

Basically, it allows you to update the WordPress
version, plugins and themes of ALL your blogs, while
being logged in in ONE “master” blog…

I have already added more than 16 of my own blogs in it
and it works like a charm :-)


“this isn’t just a plugin but the gift of more

“This product is very similar to what I used to use:
ManageWP from Vladomir Prelovac: minus the monthly fee
(SKOAR!!), so I’m looking forward to using it.”

“it’s really a no-brainer for ease and simplicity.”

“I just jump into the cockpit of IMC and fire up the
dashboard and zoom in and out of blogs like it is bike
ride in the park.”


- There are similar services that bill you monthly to
do something similar.

- The blogs don’t need to be on the same hosting
account for this to work

- All customers get free updates

Check it out here:

Talk soon,


PS. To make your “master blog” installation more
secure, you can turn on privacy so it does not get
indexed by Google – and also add a blank .html file to
the root directory. So it will be basically invisible.
If they can’t see it, they can’t hack it :-)

PPS. There’s also a developer’s version, if you want
to update several of your client’s blogs:

* [New Amazon affiliate course] + [WP PLugin] = $$$?


Do you know 2 of the top reasons most Amazon affiliates fail
to make money?

1) They don’t know what to do

2) They don’t use automation

On the other hand, the Amazon affiliates who ARE bringing in
the dough both know WHAT to do and HOW to do it in the most
efficient way…

If you want to boost your Amazon commissions, check this


- An Amazon affiliate marketing course showing you how to
create websites that bring in free targeted traffic. It’s
13 volumes covering everything from soup to nuts….

- A WordPress plugin that helps you create customizable
Amazon ads and Comparison charts in your posts (among many
other things).


“the best part is the direct shopping cart links and
on-site shopping cart links feature which extends the cookie
life from 24 hours to 90 days that means three months
commission possibility instead of one day, while Amazon does
the nudging until they buy and you cash in!”

“this WSO is massive value, the additional information
would have made a super wso on its own at the price and the
plugin could have been the upsell, similar to what the so
called WSO gurus do, but you get the full package from Ryan
at one price, no upsells or jumping through hoops to get
what you have bought. Also I have asked a question via
support form and got detailed immediate help, which is

Check this out here:

Talk soon,


PS. Don’t expect a “fancy salesletter” with this. The
creator is mainly a developer and he doesn’t like
high-pressure sales tactics. Also, there are no OTOs or
upsells for this. You get everything for one low price.

* [Amazon Affiliate Bible] – how to get more commissions guide

“He who learns from his mistakes, is smart. He who learns
from other people’s mistakes is WISE” ;-)

If you want to increase your commissions as an Amazon
affiliate, then check out this guide that just came out:

The author has over 50 websites promoting Amazon products.

You will actually get to see an example of one of her sites,
using 4 different WordPress themes that she have found have
resulted in high conversions.

I want to keep this email short. To find out the whole deal,
click here:

Talk soon,


PS. Some comments from the Warrior forum thread:

“This book alone helped me double my income as an amazon

“excellent information from someone who has clearly spent a
lot of time refining their approach to Amazon.”

Check it out here: