Honest Azon Authority Review — 99 Comments

  1. Hi there,

    Thank you for the informative review. I wanted to see the price of the main offer, but unfortunately the JVZoo sales link doesn’t work. I get error: Failure to establish database. So it’s either too busy or a bad link. The OTOs are too expensive in my opinion. Thanks again,


    • Hi, Gabriele! :-)

      The server must have been busy. The link should be working fine now.

      As far as the OTOs go, and especially the 2nd one that includes training, I can tell you that I was going through some of Sean’s info, and I realized how many things I can change in my business.

      But yes, these are higher-end OTOs.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Hi George,

    I like your honest reviews. I am still a newbie with “information Overload” and a maxed out credit card. The “One Time Offers” always make me feel that without them I will be missing a link to make it work for me. (Even though they say you don’t need them????)

    I am still looking for some marketer that will actually help me make my first dollar, and not just want be to build up his or her bank account.

    Thanks for your honesty.


    • Hi, Richard!

      Whenever you buy a product, I recommend you use it to the best of your ability. That way, you gain experience, and you “build your brain muscle” – and you don’t rely on the OTOs to do the thinking for you.

      That said, OTOs can be of help, but don’t let them distract you from the main product you just bought.

      Hope this helps!


  3. If I buy this product, do you recommend buying the first upsell? Will it help with the main purchase?

    • Hi, Darla!

      The first upsell can help if you have little experience in setting up an optimized WordPress site.


  4. if we buy oto 1 then we do or do not still need to build a cron job for every single website store we make?

    is it easy to add our woo commerce account to each site? just copy and past a code?

    this is junk and should be beta. it needs to be ready to roll w/o all the woo commerce

    and cron hastles. but maybe this is how we can get away with 90 day cookie?

    the best part of whole program is 90 day cookie is good for any purchase not just for the product they added to their cart. right?

    is the 90 day cookie added when they hit the continue button? or only the add to cart button after they hit the continue button? and does the buyer have to hastle with logging into amazon or not???

    why does our stores have to mention amazon at all? thanks

    • Hi, Borga!

      Yes, the cron job would still need to be added for every site.

      There’s no WooCommerce account – just the free WooCommerce plugin that needs to be installed.

      Yes, the 90-day cookie is good for any product the visitor buys from Amazon within that period.

      The 90-day cookie is added to the visitor’s machine when they click the “continue” button. There’s no other add-to-cart button after that – only a “proceed to checkout” button”

      Amazon requires everyone who buys from them to have an account with them and be signed in to it when they do so.

      I think it’s a good think that the stores mention Amazon, as it’s a trusted website that everyone knows and feels comfortable buying from.

      Hope this helps!

  5. This review was fair. However, the cron job should not scare people. Sean Donahoe has made videos that show you how to do everything. I think this is a good plugin for the newbie to work with. The operative word is “work.” It is not a plug-n-play plugin at all. It takes a lot of time to get to know the plugin, and a lot of time to set up. And actually, that is a good thing. It makes you take the time to know what you’re doing with your own website. Sean even says in the instruction video that there is a learning curve, and your first site will be hard. The only two cons that I have are 1.You cannot market books using this software. It’s against Amazon TOS. 2. Like all Sean Donahoe products there are about a thousand settings – at least one, usually 3 or 4 things don’t work the way they should. But then again, the support is top notch.

    • This was a useful comment by Jerry Waxman. What is the Amazon Terms of Service that prevents selling books using this software? Also, it is now 2017 over two years since this was posted. Is Azon Authority as well as the bonuses you offered, George, still available and working in the current 2017 environment of Amazon, WordPress, & WooCommerce?
      Thanks for the fair review, George, and the useful comment, Jerry.

      • Hi, Wes!

        To be honest, I’m not sure why Amazon would prohibit selling their books via their API. The Amazon Product Advertising API clearly includes books. If they didn’t want us to use it, they probably wouldn’t make it available.

        To be honest, I haven’t tested Azon Authority lately, but I think that the team always updates the software (they have thousands of customers, so it would be silly to do otherwise).

        All my bonuses still stand.

        Hope this helps!


  6. George,
    I bought your previous Amazon store builder recommendation, WPDollar. How does this compare?


    • Hi, Gene!

      Well, each plugin has its strengths and weaknesses. I like Azon Authority better.

      With WP Dollar, the visitors need to click a “Load Reviews” button, in order to see amazon reviews, while with Azon Authority the reviews are embedded in the posts, and visitors don’t have to click a button.

      WP Dollar can also be linked to Onlywire so that backlinks to the posts can be generated as well – while Azon Authority can work with popular text-spinning services to make the content more unique.

      Hope this helps!


  7. Hi George,
    I purchase AzonAuthority – Professional Licence and AzonAuthority – Done For You Power Builder via your affiliate link ID 6969.
    I write to you because JVZoo don’t insert you below with big blue button bonus from you like always before.
    Best REgards

    • Nice catch, Jan!

      “Someone” must have forgotten to upload the bonus to all the ordering options (ok, that someone was me)!

      You should be able to see your bonus now. Let me know if not.

      Thanks for your purchase!


  8. Hi George

    is this system updates products(add new products/delete discontinue products) on site automatically from Amazon?


    • Hi, Dilip!

      You choose which products to import.

      I don’t think discontinued products get deleted, but you may want to use a plugin like Azon Stock Checker for that.

      Hope this helps!


  9. I gave up building Amazon stores the moment Google let it be known that they weren’t to happy with sites plastered with affiliate links….So I moved on…But now that I came across this theme and viewed your review im gonna get back into it……This theme solved a major problem when it came to building site selling physical products by affiliates…..It is actually pretty clever and simple….Thanx For The Review George.

    • Hey, Mark!

      This is actually a plugin. Another plugin called Profit Builder Lite is also included as a bonus – it’s a drag and drop page editor.


  10. Hi George,
    Love your work!! As you know, have followed you and your products for quite some time (years). Would much prefer buying one of *YOUR* solutions to these problems. Are you bringing out a plugin that rolls woo-commerce site, 90 day cookie and by-passes amazons attack on affiliates sites with affiliate links. Does posting and SEO as per your older plugins, but now addresses Google’s new ways – again.

    Cron jobs aren’t much fun, but after the hassle of getting one done, the rest become easier. However the load they place on iNodes and bandwidth make them the hated ones by so many Hosting Coys – like Hostgator etc. PM me if you like. Still rather buy one of yours than Sean’s.
    Thanks . . . mark . . / .

    • Hi, Mark!

      Well, my own plugin is Associate Goliath.

      It does have 90-day-cookie buttons, although it doesn’t have an on-site shopping cart.

      It also allows you to cloak your affiliate links.

      No cron jobs. Prices are updated every 24 hours automatically.

      Each post is optimized for the product name.

      Thanks for the kind words!

      • Thanks George.

        Have had Associate Goliath running
        on a number of sites from the very beginning. No problems there.

        Hmm . . better have a play incorporating Woo-Commerce into the scheme of things.

        This might offer a solution to Google’s jumping around on the on-site shopping cart thing. (technical term = thing :) ).

        Thanks . . mark . . . / .

          • Awesome George.

            That cart thing would/should/could
            do away with Google bypassing our Amazon “Affiliate” sites.
            They don’t like :( our Amazon Affiliate tags.
            We are selling Amazon goods, and mental telepathy is still not accepted as order placement with paypal or credit cards.

            Looking forward to what you may come up with.

            Thanks . . . mark . . / .

  11. I think I’ll stay with Associate Goliath, if you added the on-site cart functionality that would be crazy awesome, love your stuff been a fan for years now!

  12. Very informative review. I am considering getting azon authority but I want to know what themes are good for amazon stores like this. hmm.

    • Hi, Peter!

      You will get the profit builder lite plugin that works like a theme and works with Azon Authority.

      Hope this helps!


  13. hello. i have never even made a site before, so my question is…is it newbie friendly?
    or is it best left to people who have dabbled in wordpress sites etc? thanks

    • Hi, Marly!

      As with everything, there’s a learning curve. But it’s surely easier to learn than having to create websites from scratch! :-)

  14. hi George, the AzonAuthority looks really good to me, is there any help around and who and where just in case I have problems setting up my web site or setting up my store, or am i just going to have to take 10 weeks studying and reading,? thanks Robert.

    also dose it work with the divi theme

    • Hi, Robert!

      I haven’t tested the plugin with the divi theme, so I can’t comment on that.

      If you need any help, please contact the Azon Authority Support here. You can also send me an email and I’ll see what I can do for you. :-)

  15. Hi George,

    This seems very interesting. I like the way the themes look design wise, they look like “real stores”. Does the course cover, what I think is equally as important as building the site, getting converting traffic to the site? Would they all be white-hat methods?


    • Hi, Amit!

      You will get step by step training on setting up the site itself.

      Not sure if sending traffic to the site is included though.


  16. Hi George i want to know do i need to have affiliate id with amazon to start. and how long it will take for me to make profit. thank you

    • Hi, Asha! Yes, you need an Amazon affiliate id. How fast you will profit depends on your level of experience, discipline, time you devote to this, etc. It can take some time but it’s worth it.


  17. Hi George,
    I’m interested in buying azon authority.
    Really, do you speak greek? If yes, let me know. I have some questions to clarify in greek, if you don’t mind.
    Thanks for your time.
    Best Regards,

  18. Hi George,
    I haven’t seen until this very moment a comment of success from a friend who had bought and used this azon authority. What can I expect from a plugin when all the comments on it are in what way does it work… Can you redirect me to people that have real experience on its use and usefulness?
    Nobody wants to throw away money, I’ve read some very negative comments about its support after the purchase. Let me know if there is a way to pursuade me in order to buy it…
    Really, is there anything new – under the same perception – you have to propose? A new software, plugin …or whatever…
    Thanks for your time,

    • Hi, Zoi! :-)

      To be honest, I rarely see success stories by people buying any product, period. Maybe because success doesn’t come down to buying one specific tool or guide, but to many things (work, patience, consistency, selecting the right niche, using a business model that suits someone’s strengths and weaknesses, and being willing to offer value – to name a few).

      “New” information products and tools come out all the time. Those can help. It’s about finding those that “click” for you. But success comes down to many things, like the ones I mentioned above.


  19. Hi George,
    if I by it through you do I get bonuses for free or do I have to pay for them?
    Could you then help me a bit to set up the whole thing if I’d have problems with it?
    What could you tell me about Assosiate Goliath? Does it worth the purchase?
    Let me know some things…

    • Hi, Zoi!

      If you buy through the link on this page, you get all the bonuses for free.

      I’m obviously biased about Associate Goliath, since it’s my own WordPress plugin. I can tell you that we started with version 1, and we have developed it to version 5+ for the last 3+ years, based on customer feedback. In my humble opinion, it’s the easiest WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates to use. It also has video reviews in the posts which help conversions by a lot, and add real value to your site.

      The best people to help with setting up Azon Authority, would be its developers. If you buy Associate Goliath, which is my plugin, I would be glad to help! :-)


  20. Hi George,
    I have decided to buy associate goliath by the end of the week.It’s no 5 version, isn’t it?
    Please let me know if I have to get an idea of the wordpress. Do you offer a wp theme or what…
    Anyway, can you please tell me what to do/learn before the purchase, so as to make things easier for the future? Let me know about the bonuses also…
    What do you suggest?
    Thanks for your time,

  21. i have a website developed with wix and not wordpress,can i use azon authority to embed amazon store into my website ?

  22. Hi,

    1)If after my cookie is left on vistor’s sysetm, if the visitor happens to visit another site, gets competition cookie too, pls let me know which cookie will be honoured next time he buys something on Amazon?

    2)I have niche blog site, said it a good idea to keep a store (Azon Authority site) in the same folder, or in subdomain.

    Thanks in advance for clarification.

    • Hi, Tabu!

      1) The last cookie gets the credit.

      2) Sure, you can have an extra site in a subfolder or subdomain.


  23. can I get a ban of amazon with this?
    how can I apply for an affiliate amazon account if I still don’t have anything on my domain name, just a wordpress installation? Should I add products before apply?

    • Hi, Rogelio!

      I recommend you add some unique content to your site, before applying for an Amazon account.

      After that, a combination of automated and unique content is what will probably give you the best bang for your buck.

      Hope this helps!

  24. what is special about Associate Goliath? Will it be different from Azon Authority by Sean. How much time will it take to make the first $100 from one store to start with. Well I am a newbie. In order to get google network through minimum ranking advertising will it take more than 2 months

    • Associate Goliath is probably the most intuitive plugin to use, even though it’s loaded with features that customers have been requesting for the last 3 years. But I can’t make any specific income claims or give timeframes. It doesn’t work like that I’m afraid. :-)

  25. Im trying figure out George why you are selling Azon Authority when you have your own product

    • Hi, Dan!

      Azon Authority has some differences to Associate Goliath, and some customers may prefer that ove my product. But of course, I’m still selling Associate Goliath.

      Thanks! :-)

      • Hi George i bought your product i dont have a clue even how to set it up or start a word press site or cpanel im lost no instruction at all!And can you use your product with Azon Authority?

  26. Hello George,
    With Azon Authority, will my customers know that they are buying from Amazon when making purchase? Can Azon Authority be used with Shopify?

    • Hi, lateefah!

      During checkout, your visitors see that theya re buying from Amazon.

      The plugin doesn’t generate video reviews.

      Hope this helps!


  27. I bought azonauthority, I am so new to this but I know it work. Need some help with some answer. So I have my own website, but manage by admit,I have no control over WordPress or control panel. Will azonauthority work with my site and or do you think admit will allow this installation. You answer is much appreciated. The site is still under construction..paying $124+ other features still trying to make it work. But they limit my ability to do due to cost.

  28. Hi George,

    do you have a step by step tutorial for Azon Authority – how to start with wordpress, domain (host/cpanel), woocomerce and finally Azon Authority?

    Thank you in advance.


  29. Hi, I see your JD Zoo ID 6969 on the order form, like following:
    “Terms of Sales:
    Your information will be provided to the product’s vendor upon successful completion of this sale. 6969”

    But the payment still shows a $97.67, see following:
    “Your payment summary
    ADD Marketing Group
    $97.67 USD
    Invoice number: AzonAuthority – Professional Licence (……)
    Total: $97.67 USD”

    Can you tell me where do I get the bonuses so that I can get the order for $47.00

    Thank you.


    Nov. 19, 2016

    • Hi, Michael!

      Hope you are well.

      Not sure I understood your question 100%.

      You will be able to access the bonuses in your JVZoo area, after you purchase Azon Authority from the link on this page.

      Can you clarify what the $47 figure you mentioned in your post stands for? The plugin costs $67-97.67 (depending on which license you purchase).

      Hope this helps!


  30. Hi George,
    I’m new to amazon affiliate. Is these programs something that a new person should buy? and will this help me setup step by step my store?

    • Hi, George!

      Using a WordPress plugin like this is a very fast way to put up an amazon affiliate site, and learn the ropes.

      As you gain more experience, you can be creating your own sites with unique content. That takes more time, but it’s well worth it.

      If you get stuck at any point during the store setup process, the Azon Authority developers should be able to help, since they are the expert on their product.

      Hope this helps!


      • When I click on the “CLICK HERE to buy” button, the buy page looks strange, without pics.
        I tried from other links and the same thing happened. Some liks from other sites to the AZONs buy site was 404 and I checked with both IE and Chrome. I maybe have a browser problem but can you dubble check it?
        Kala Xristougena!

        • Hi, Kosta!

          I do see that the order form is a bit out of alignment – it’s probably a css file that’s out of whack somewhere. But the JVZoo order buttons themselves are working for me.

          Kales giortes!

    • Hi, Melanie!

      I haven’t used the other plugin you mention. But I believe each plugin will do its own thing and add its own pests, without interfering with the other.



  31. Hi George,

    Do you know if i can add my own products to my website that i am using Azon Authority on? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you

    • Sure you can, Scott!

      Azon Authority will create its own posts, and you can add your own posts as well.

      Hope this helps!


  32. Do I need anything special licence for Cpanel or do Azon have to licence for me?
    I`ve had problems with installing wordpress and making a data base. Do you know any other way to install wordpress and making of a data base?

    • Hi, Victor!

      Almost every host has cpanel included. I only install WordPress myself via cpanel. Takes just a few clicks and a few seconds. This is the easiest way I know.

      Hope this helps!


  33. Hi! I just bought the Professional License Pro. I cannot get into your systems. The password does not work at the recommmended web sight. I also tried to buy the first upsell. However, the system would not accept my credit card saying that I must use another one, since this one was used by PayPal. I need some help. Any suggestions….

  34. Hi, I really need to know what to do from scratch, do I still need to register as an affiliate on amazon, do I still need to buy a domain name and pay for hosting. Or do I just buy azon authority alone. Please I need clarifications. Thank you

    • Hi, Veronica!

      Yes, you need to register as an Amazon affiliate, buy a domain and pay for hosting.

      Then, you need to put up a WordPress site, and then you can install the Azon Authority plugin on that site.

      Hope this helps!


  35. Is there any customer service for this? The day I bought this, I had so many passwords to make for some many accounts I needed for this, I got confused. Now I can get into my account and cannot find any chat or customer service number to get help. I think I found one email address to ask for help and never received a reply. I’ve done everything I need to do with WordPress, Amazon, plug ins etc. just can’t get onto my webpage .

      • Wow, thank you for your fast reply! I will submit a ticket and give you an update on how well their customer service works.

  36. George, Just found this offer today. I am considering purchasing but have a question. My main business is building viral news sites and building traffic through facebook and other social media networks. I am monetizing my viral sites through affiliate offers from clickbank and jvzoo. I want to add an amazon store within my site. Question is as a plugin, can I add or build this amazon store within my existing viral news site? My purpose is to let the visitor stay longer in my site. Your input is very much appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Hi, Bert!

      You should be able to do what you describe.

      Each plugin does its own thing, without interfering with the content on the rest of your site.

      Hope this helps!


  37. man, I can not stand your pronunciation.
    this is very annoying. Listen more or speak your language

    • Thanks for the feedback, Maya.

      I agree my pronunciation is off. I’m a Greek, living in Greece, so that may have something to do with it. :-)

      Take care,