WP Tweet Machine Review — 26 Comments

  1. hello George,

    thank you for your review.

    I always enjoy your insight and therefore I seek your advice before buying.

    I would like to recommend the following let us know in advance you will post a review.

    the reason why I bought from other provider had I known you were covering this I would have bought from you.

    again George thank you for your time and look forward to your next review

  2. When the plugin pulls the vidoes, images, retweets from keywords, etc does it also create a post to my blog? or my blog is just being used to install this plugin to work independently from whatever my blog is about?

  3. Hi,

    The video does not show how to connect to the twitter accounts. What details does it need from twitter? And does it need the twitter accounts to be phone verified?


    • Hi, James!

      In the “Support” tab of the plugin, you will find a video called “#2 Creating Your Twitter App.” That walks you through the process of linking your Twitter account (shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes). I don’t think the accounts need to be phone verified.


  4. Hey George;

    Good Review as usual,…Im using a different twitter plugin that im happy with but this sounds pretty good……Its always nice to have as many tools as possible to achieve your marketing goals….Will buy this on that premise…..Thanx George/

    • Hi, Steve!

      That’s correct. :-)

      I do recommend you check how your twitter account is progressing from time to time, but for the most part, the plugin runs 24/7 and does its thing.


  5. Hey George,
    I just prchased the WP Tweet Machine – unlimited sites but I didn’t see any OTO’s and also no link to your Twitter Profits Mega Pack free bonus

    • Hi, Guy! :-)

      I have verified that you purchased the Unlimited License of WP Tweet Machine v 2.0 from my link (thanks).

      You should be able to see my bonus inside your JVZoo area. Here are full instructions.

      I will also send you an email at the email address you used to post this comment with.



  6. Hey George;
    I had the first version of this plugin…It worked pretty good….Was very curious what your review of version 2 was gonna be….Like i said before,..You are one of the Very Few People i Trust When It Comes To A Reviewing a plugin…..THANX GEORGE.

    • Hi, David!

      JVZoo had suffered a DDOS attack. Everything should be back to normal now.



  7. Hello,

    Please forgive me to ask you a silly question and allow me to post a comment in poor English.

    Does this WP Tweet Machine plugin work with any foreign languages other than English?

    I am a Japanese living in Japan.

    Therefore, I want to get only Japanese followers to my twitter accounts and I want to get only Japanese engage in activities, like retweets and comments, luring them to click my affiliate link, etc.

    There is a link for a pre-sale question on WP Tweet Machine sales page, but clicking that link only leads to the “ticket” submitting form for a plugin purchaser.

    I would appreciate your reply when you have free time available.

      • Hello George,

        Thank you very much for your reply comment.
        I have forgotten checking your blog for a few days and have missed your comment so far.

        I am surely going to purchase WP Tweet Machine from your blog.

  8. Hello George

    I monetize my website with Google Adsense, hope I won’t have problem posting RSS feeds to my website, I mean with Google Adsense on my website, Hope I won’t get Banned.


    • Hi, Hilary!

      It’s been a long time since I used Adsense, so I’m not the best person to respond to this.

      I remember that Google didn’t like Adsense ads to appear on sites with automatically generated content. I could be wrong. :-)