Honest WP Fan Machine Review, Discount and Bonus — 49 Comments

  1. I like It……………..Always looking for something of Quality that will Automate a process that usually takes some time………………..(.)

  2. I always buy with your link George. :) You have consistently provided value with your products and honest reviews. You support me by upgrading your own products which I have purchased over the years, the least I can do is let you have the commission for my purchases.

  3. George

    Awesome product! I cannot get the purchase I know you are working many hours – Please include me and send me the link

    • That’s cool, George!

      Another trend you’re not following by charging for updated versions a few months after launch – we need more people in IM like you!

      No excuse for me to leave on the shelf this time around.

      Many Thanks


      PS Successfully received your email & link to version 5.0 of Associate Goliath :)

  4. Thanks George,

    OTO 2 is a great deal and your purpose built Bonus is a real beaut.

    Busy week with Associate Goliath v5.0 too.

    thanks and regards . . . mark . . / .

  5. Hi George! I’ve bought from you before, and the product has been working great for me, so thanks!! I’m bummed because I just this morning purchased the Fan Machine basic product and only afterwards arrived at your page here – I’m upset because I would LOVE to be able to get your FanPage Money bonus guide! Can I purchase it from you as a stand-alone please? I’d be happy to pay a reasonable price. Thanks very much!

  6. Hi George

    May i know if i buy Pro version, i can create unlimited fan pages all can under one website. Can i put unlimited fan pages to my unlimited websites ?

    WHat is the different between Developer version of unlimited sites ?


    • Hi, GC!

      Yes, with the PRO version, you can promote unlimited fan pages from each WordPress site that you install it on. Those fan pages need to belong to you personally.

      The Developer Pro version also allows you to promote fan pages that belong to clients – as well as sell sites that have the plugin installed.

      Hope this helps!


    • Hi, Victor!

      That video pretty much covers it all.

      WP Empire Builder also has help links next to each function, that gives you more info.

      I’ll send you an email.



  7. George, I bought this plugin through your link and I can truly tell you that this in-fact does generate fans on auto pilot.

    The thing that I don’t understand and haven’t been able to do is “monetize” my posts so I can earn some money. Do you know how to set up a post when this plugin gets many fans to my fan page to earn some money? The plugin training doesn’t cover this.

    • Hi, Glenn!

      Have you received my FanPage Money bonus guide?
      That should help.

      You need to make posts that give value, mixed in with posts that point to an optin page that gives a free gift, in order to build a list.

      It works better if you try to make money out of Facebook, and not on the site itself.

      Hope this helps!


    • Hi, Glenn! I have just added a video on the post above, with all the changes that have been made. The main new feature is that the plugin can now fetch content from any blog’s RSS feed, or YouTube channel. You select high-quality blogs and YouTube channels in your niche, and the plugin will curate and fetch content from those sources.The higher the quality of content that is posted on your FanPage, the more traffic, likes, and subscribers it will get.

  8. Does this Fan Machine really works. I mean, people now a days can tell those comments are made by machine and they will simply avoid them and report spam, dont they?

    • Hi, Kamrul!

      You can create templates for the comments, and make them related to your niche. I don’t think people will report anything as spam, as long as the comment is not offensive.


  9. Hi George,

    Will the Fan Machine plugin create the same automated posts to your own fan page as well as on your WP site it is hosted on? Or is it only to post the content to your fan page even though the plugin is installed on your own site?

    Please advise. Thanks and look forward to hear from you.

  10. George, thanks for your review! Just a few questions:
    1) I can see how the plugin sends visitors from the commented fan page to your own fan page. And, yes, some visitors will probably like the page. But how do I turn those likes into traffic and money? Most testimonials brag about the number of likes they’re getting but no one talks about traffic and sales. That’s the whole purpose of this exercise.
    2) You mentioned above that the version 2.0 posts content to the website/blog. What type of content is this? Is it spun? Is it curated with a link back to the source? Is this legal?



    • Hi, Tony! :-)

      1) Good point. I give several tips for this in my bonus “FanPage Money.”

      2) The content is either taken from the RSS feed of a blog, with a link back to that blog post, or an embedded YouTube video from a specific channel. It’s not spun content. Don’t quote me on this, as I’m not a lawyer, but it seems fine (more exposure for the initial content creator).


  11. Hi George,
    Just a few questions…Can you use WP fan machine without a wordpress site?
    Are all the bonuses still available?
    The version you are selling here can it be used on multiple fanpages?
    If one had a website along with FB fan pages what version would you recommend?


    • Hi, Gillian!

      WP Fan Machine only works on WordPress.

      The bonuses are still available.

      This version only works with one Fanpage.

      The PRO version, which is an upsell, is to be used on multiple Fanpages and sites.

      Hope this helps!


  12. Is there anyway to add this plugin while being on the WordPress Free Plan, as this normally requires to be on the Business plan that is $24.92 per month.

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