Your own WordPress Amazon pet store with 15,081 products, in 10 minutes (bonus for first 20) — 1 Comment

  1. In the past, I have mentioned several “Clones” on this blog. You can see them here:

    Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, based on feedback I had received:

    1) Pet Clone isn’t just a WordPress “theme” or “plugin” – it’s an already-made WordPress Amazon site. You get to upload a zip file on your hosting account, and then you set up your site following an easy “wizard” interface.

    2) This is a ready-made store that sells pet products. It cannot be customized to promote products in other niches.

    3) “Unlimited” and “multi-site” isn’t related to “WordPress multisite.” It just means that you can install Beauty Clone on unlimited domains you own.

    4) You need to have your own domain and hosting account. A domain will cost about $10/year. I use Hosting is $5-$10 per month (for probably unlimited sites). I use Coolice has a list of 100 domains that will work great in the “pet” niche, and, if you are quick, you can register one (or more) of them. That domain list basically gives you domain ideas.

    5) It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. You can still promote Amazon products. For example, I live in Greece but I have associate accounts with, etc…

    6) The single-site license covers (US locale) only. The other locales are unlocked with the Unlimited version: (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan). With that said, you can sell worldwide with both versions. The other locales are there to target other markets with products retrieved specifically from that Amazon locale website. However, ships worldwide anyway.

    7) The unlimited license basically costs $104. But you can pay the $67 as an upgrade, after you pay the $37 for the normal license. So, the way to get the unlimited license is to invest $37+$67=$104 total.

    8) As far as duplicate content goes: Unique content is always the best choice. Ready-made sites are a way to start in this niche for those who don’t want to write any content.

    9) The posts are not drip-fed. They are all available right away.

    10) Several guides are included with your purchase that show you how to promote your Pet Clone website.

    11) You get to CHOOSE one of my own bonuses from this page:

    Hope this helps! :-)


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