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This offer is no longer available. Thanks for your interest!

Christmas is approaching quickly. During this time, kids request toys and games from their parents. And the parents, of course, buy them!

So, the holiday season is a great opportunity for you as an Amazon affiliate to get more commissions…

The reason I’m creating this video is to let you know that my good friend Coolice has come up with something called Toy Store Clone.

So, what is Toy Store Clone?

Basically it’s a ready-made, WordPress Amazon store.

It allows you to have your own site that sells the latest and most popular toys for children of all ages in hundreds of categories and brands…

You can sell products by some of the biggest and most trusted brand names in the toy industry, like Fisher-Price, Hasbro, LEGO, Mattel, etc…

Toy Store Clone live demo:

Let me show you what Toy Store Clone looks like. I have set up a live Toy Store Clone demo site for you. This is the homepage:

Toy Store Clone Your visitors can go directly to the type of toys and games they want, with the click of a button.

They can look for action figures, dolls, costumes, electronics, puzzles etc…

They can also look for toys from their favourite brands like Fisher-Price, Hasbro, LEGO, Mattel, etc…

They can also look for toys by price. Toys that cost less than $25, all the way to $200+.

And of course, they can find games according to age. From birth, all the way to 14 years old and up.

Toy Store Clone specific post demo:

Here’s an example of a specific post on your toy store:

Toy Store Clone reviewFeel free to click the image above to go to the demo post…

At the very top there are buttons that allow your visitors to share your post on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linked in, or Pinterest…

Each post has 3 different Youtube video reviews that your visitor can watch. Video converts much better than text alone. Plus, video pages tend to get a lot of traffic. Let’s not forget that Google owns Youtube…

If the visitor clicks the “Buy on Amazon” button, they will be taken to Amazon to buy the product. Amazon is a big and trusted name, and people don’t hesitate to buy from there.

The post also has an add-to-cart button. If a visitor adds an Amazon product to their cart, the life of the Amazon affiliate cookie gets extended from 24 hours to 90 days. This means that, if your visitors buy anything within the next 90 days from Amazon, you will get credit for that.

Each post also contains screenshots of the product, its features and the product’s description.

In the footer of the site, there is a disclaimer that Amazon associates are required to have on their sites.

People search for product names all the time. And people who search for them are in buying mode. That’s why sites that have content around product names convert so well…

The prices of the products are updated regularly when updates run on your website. This could be set up hourly, daily or weekly.

And of course, you can use more plugins on the site, to extend it’s functionality. Including my own plugins.

Toy Store Clone OTO – Unlimited License (Preview)

Toy Store Clone OTO

Toy Store Clone OTO. Click image to see it in full size

Click on the image on the left once and then click on the new image again to see it in full size.

After you buy the regular, single-site license, you will see a one-time offer (OTO) for the unlimited version…

You can see a preview of it on the left. Click the image once and then click on it once again with your “magnifying glass cursor” to see it in full size…

I highly recommend that you get the unlimited version (it’s $67). And I’m not saying this to hard sell you on it. I truly believe it’s the best value for money and it will give you so many more opportunities to make money in this niche…

The regular single-site version of Toy Store Clone comes with 1,595 posts (products) in 19 categories and 12 brands.

But for the demo site I set up, I used the unlimited, multi-site license which has more than 10 times the content. The unlimited license has 15,732 posts in 225 categories and 51 brands.

And it took me less than 10 minutes to set up everything from start to finish.

Btw, even though it’s not openly advertised, both the single-site and and the unlimited version come with free installation. You can just contact Coolice and he will set up everything for you for free…

Toy Store Clone Bonus:

Also, If you are thinking of buying this business in a box, use the link on this page. Why? Because I will also send you an extra bonus of your choice. You can use it to make your Toy Store Clone site even more successful.

Only 20 bonuses will be given. Current status: Available.

Here’s what to do now:

STEP 1: Go to Toy Store Clone and purchase the package.

STEP 2: Forward the email receipt you get from JV Zoo to
george.katsoudas.bonus [at] (replace [at] with the @ sign). In your email, also let me know which one of the available bonuses you would like. I will send you your bonus in less than 24 hours! :-)

Note: The price of the regular version will go up from $37 to $67 on December 22nd, 11:00 AM, EST.

Free, no-obligation bonuses you can download right now, because you are cool for being my customer:

Btw, there are some bonuses that Coolice has made available to affiliates. These bonuses will help you promote your store and get traffic to it. Many affiliates will promise these bonuses to you, if you buy Toy Store Clone through their affiliate link.

But I wanted to give them to you upfront. Click this link to download the Toy Store Clone bonuses without any obligation! :-)

If you have any comments or questions, please post them below and I’ll answer as best as I can…



Toy Store Clone Review and Bonus This is my video review and exclusive bonus for the Amazon store Toy Store Clone by Coolice


Your own toy store with LEGO, Hasbro and Mattel, in 10 minutes. Toy Store Clone Review and Bonus: — 44 Comments

  1. In the past, I have mentioned several “Clones” on this blog. You can see them here:

    Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, based on feedback I had received:

    1) Toy Store Clone isn’t just a WordPress “theme” or “plugin” – it’s an already-made WordPress Amazon toy store. You get to upload a zip file on your hosting account, and then you set up your site following an easy “wizard” interface.

    2) This is a ready-made store that sells Toys and Games. It cannot be customized to promote products in other niches.

    3) “Unlimited” and “multi-site” isn’t related to “WordPress multisite.” It just means that you can install Toy Store Clone on unlimited domains you own.

    4) You need to have your own domain and hosting account. A domain will cost about $10/year. I use Hosting is $5-$10 per month (for probably unlimited sites). I use Coolice has a list of 100 domains that will work great in the “Toys & Games” niche, and, if you are quick, you can register one (or more) of them. That domain list basically gives you domain ideas.

    5) It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. You can still promote Amazon products. For example, I live in Greece but I have associate accounts with, etc…

    6) The single-site license covers (US locale) only. The other locales are unlocked with the Unlimited version: (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan). With that said, you can sell worldwide with both versions. The other locales are there to target other markets with products retrieved specifically from that Amazon locale website. However, ships worldwide anyway.

    7) The unlimited license basically costs $104. But you can pay the $67 as an upgrade, after you pay the $37 for the normal license. So, the way to get the unlimited license is to invest $37+$67=$104 total.

    8) As far as duplicate content goes: Unique content is always the best choice. Ready-made sites are a way to start in this niche for those who don’t want to write any content.

    9) The posts are not drip-fed. They are all available right away.

    10) Several guides are included with your purchase that show you how to promote your Toy Store Clone website.

    11) You get to CHOOSE one of my own bonuses from this page:

    Hope this helps! :-)


  2. I live in the USRM (United Socialist Republic – MAINE). I am not eligible to participate in Amazon because our “government” doesn’t want me to make a living outside of our state…..

    Sorry for the rant. Nice product!

  3. Everything i see that Coolice designs is done with the intention of being complete…………Just jump in turn the key and drive…I like all his clone store designs.

  4. George you have some great plugins and recommendations!

    I have 2 Ques here – good layout for Toy Clone – but, since based on WP –
    can we alter the ordering of any contents?
    1. Ex. – Home page I like, but when go to Top Menu items – or Menu tabs below slider – the category pages display *all the menu tabs* BEFORE the images.
    >> Can we get the images/ slider to always show First, above the tabs??

    2. Can we choose/ suppress, certain categories/ types of products / OR/
    individ. items from the Azon RSS [ API ] so they don’t appear?
    Could we do this either automatic [ from the feed] or in dashboard after
    they are pulled-in to WP?

    • Hi, Jim!

      1. Yes, the slider can be enabled for all pages on the site and always show up on the top.

      2. Yes, you can easily remove certain products, categories or brands that you don’t want to have on your website from the back-end.

      Hope this helps!


  5. Hi George cool offer you have here…. My state won’t allow amazon affiliates . Is there another way to promote this ? thanks .

    • Hi, Defa!

      Yes, ToyStoreClone Unlimited works with (Germany) and retrieves German products. The contents of the posts would be in German as well.

      Hope this helps!


  6. Hi George,

    You said at point 6) The single-site license covers (US locale) only. The other locales are unlocked with the Unlimited version: (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan). With that said, you can sell worldwide with both versions. The other locales are there to target other markets with products retrieved specifically from that Amazon locale website. However, ships worldwide anyway.

    But if i use the plugin ‘Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer’ where i put my affiliate IDs of the other countries of Amazon, doesn’t it redirect to the other Amazon countries?

    best regards,

    • Hi, Marisca!

      I haven’t tried the plugin you mention to be honest. If you have used it in the past and it’s reliable, then it should work with Toy Store Clone as well.


  7. I purchased ToyStore clone.
    I’m no coder and was wondering if there are video tutorials to teach how to setup.

  8. Also I was not aware that this was a plugin for WordPress.
    Can it be installed and activated like all plugins

    • Hi, Elliott!

      There are no video tutorials, but there’s a PDF guide with step-by-step instructions…

      Toy Store Clone is not a plugin for WordPress, neither is it installed like one. It’s an already-made WordPress Amazon toy store, that includes a suite of plugins and two themes. You get to upload a zip file on your hosting account, and then you set up your site following an easy “wizard” interface…

      If you contact Coolice, he will set up everything for you for free.

      Hope this helps!


        • Hi George
          Please disregard the previous question.
          Once I thought ToyStore was a plugin I didn’t bother to look for any instructions for upload. I use Godaddy for hosting my sites and I have a primary site hosted with other sites hosted under it. I guess I would just upload both files: importbuddy.php and back up file into my root folder of the site I plan to use. Do I need to use an ftp client or can I just go into my file manager within my control panel.

          • Hi, Elliott!

            That’s correct.

            You can do it either with FTP or cPanel file manager.

            Or, you can just ask Coolice to set it up for you. Free installation is included.

            Hope this helps!


  9. Hi George,
    I am wondering if the title “ToyStoreClone” that shows next to the logo can be changed to the domain name? Or are all these stores that are being set up with this theme going to say “ToyStoreClone” ?

  10. I was also wondering if the content provided is copyrighted, including the videos. Can we use these freely, or are they protected? I don’t want to get into trouble.

    • Hi, Barbara!

      The content come from the Amazon API, which is allowed.

      The videos are just Youtube videos that are embedded in the posts.


  11. Hi George,

    I looked at your demo site and see you have a blog also. Is that built into the Toy Store clone package?

    • Hi, Glenn!

      The blog is mine. I just installed Toy Store Clone in a directory of my site (toy-store-clone-site).

      Hope this helps,


  12. Hi George,

    I also noticed that when you click the Customer Reviews button it redirects to the Amazon page for the reviews. If they order the product by going to Amazon reviews page, do I get the commisions for the sale?

  13. Please disregard my question about content copyrights. Coolice was able to answer for me. You can delete it since it’s not published yet

    • I didn’t do anything, Glenn! :-)

      Toy Store Clone looks like this out of the box. It comes with two themes: a black one and a “silver” (gray) one.

      Hope this helps!


  14. Dear George,

    Can the price gonna be update automatically? without the price shows as date bla bla…
    Because when I use cron job the price still shows same date as above.


    • Hi, Suyudi!

      The point of the cron job is to do exactly that: Update the post automatically. You can set the cron job to run daily, weekly etc.

      Please allow a little time for the cron job to run, the very first time you set it up in cpanel.

      All prices are required by Amazon to have the proper timestamp that says “price is so and so as of date so and so.”

      Hope this helps!


  15. Hello George!

    I just purchased ToyStoreClone – Unlimited Version. How do I get Coolice to set it up?

    • Hi, Sal!

      Just email him at the email address that is included at the very top of the INSTALLATION.pdf guide that came with your purchase, and he will take it from there. :-)

      Don’t forget to email me for your bonus as well!



  16. Hi George you said “This is a ready-made store that sells Toys and Games. It cannot be customized to promote products in other niches”
    can i add products in other niches at the unlimited oto version ?