All of our WordPress plugins below:

1) Solve real problems that online marketers have. We don’t just create something for the heck of it. Let these plugins do all the boring work for you…

2) Are very simple to use. As Leonardo Da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

3) Have a great guarantee: Either you make 10 times your investment back within 60 days, or you pay nothing

My most popular WordPress plugins:

associate goliath ecover

Newbie-Friendly WordPress Plugin Creates Amazon Money Sites in 49 Seconds

Associate Goliath 5.0


WP Empire Builder ecover

Game-Changing WordPress Plugin Turns ANY WordPress Site Into 100s Of “Money Sites” In 29 SECONDS!

WP Empire Builder 3.0

More WordPress plugins of mine:



1-Click Video Ranker

Helps your site get 10 times more Google traffic, by harnessing the power of video.


wp stealth noteWP Stealth Note

“Makes your visitors like you more, gets you more Google traffic and boosts your profits in just
1 minute”


1-Click WP SEO

(Optimizes all your posts and pages for Google, for your chosen keywords with 1 click.)


Associate Goliath

(Amazon Affiliate Blog Generator Plugin)


Countdown DynamiteCountdown Dynamite

“Boosts your profits by 300% with unlimited, smart countdown timers, in just 30 seconds. Great for automating “evergreen” special offers and one-time offers, with just a few clicks…”

More of my WordPress plugins:




1-Minute List Builder

“The easiest lightbox popup, email list building plugin for WordPress…”


Auto Azon Banner


Auto Azon Banner:

Boosts your Amazon profits by adding “smart” attention-grabbing banners on your blog, in less than 30 secs…”


1-Minute WP Launcher

1-Minute WP Launcher

Launches your new blog (with all the proper settings, plugins and themes) – from one screen, with a few clicks, in 1 minute…



Azon Profit Poster

Finds the most profitable Amazon products and creates eye-catching listings of them on your blog, in just 2 minutes


CB Profit Poster

Boosts your profits by adding visually appealing “Top Clickbank Products” tables on your blog, embedded with your cloaked affiliate links

cloak track pro ecover

Cloak Track Pro

(Monetizes your blog with keyword-rich affiliate links, cloaks them and tracks them)


SEO Scorer

(Tells you how to improve your on-site SEO)



Easy-to-use, business-building WordPress plugins — 97 Comments

  1. George, I love the plug ins I have from you, and would undoubtedly buy more, but I have just bought some new ones from someone else, and am having trouble up loading them to my site. Pinterzon and autoblogger, to mention the names… I keep getting the message that there are no plugins recognized on the upload. When I get it figured out and get those running I may want something else, but I don’t work well with tooo many things at one time. Thanks for the products you create to make the job of selling products on the internet easier.

  2. All of Georges plugins are 2nd to none,……….Quality And Ease of use are the features we all look for…I always find that here, when ever i buy one….Great job George,…Looking forward to your next launch.

  3. Hi George,

    I finally looked more closely at your WP plugins page and was simply amazed! You actually allow us to trial before purchasing and your guarantee is simply out of this world!

    My main issue is getting targeted traffic to sites. Thus, I could have a wonderfully well put together site (including your great plug-ins), yet if I have no traffic that is a problem. Can you make any recommendations or suggestions with regard to traffic source(s)?

    Thanks in advance, Patrick

    • Hi Subbu!

      1) Deactivate and delete the demo from your blog.

      2) Upload and activate the full version.

      The plugin will remember your “old” settings.

      Hope this helps!


  4. George,

    Thanks for your high-quality plug-ins. Are you planning to create a plug-in like CB goliath or Associate goliath with a CPA network(s) any time soon?? Thanks again. Bruce

  5. Hi, I have several plugins now including todays releads. I love CB Poster and now I would like the Azon Poster for some of my many other sites I operate (200+) and I love automation for obvious reasons. Thanks for creating plugins that acutally are used and appreciated at least by me…



  6. George puts a great deal of thought into his products, they always work straight out of the box, and are easy to install, even if you are a newbie to the internet. Georges products are all first class, and I recommend them whole-heartedly, knowing that they do the job, exactly as it says on the box. You get a fantastic product at an excellent price and the satisfaction of knowing that it works. Keep up the good work George.

    Best Regards,

  7. My first plug in from George was Associate Goliath. I figured I could use it for a year or so and then move on. I was quite surprised that George kept completely up with this PI and updated it when needed and still does. Cool! Guess I can keep using it for quite a while (and yes it is a wonderful addition to my sites)

  8. I can easily say that George’s plugins are all high quality and perform functions that quickly and easily increase profits from your WordPress blogs. As an affiliate marketer I promote all of his products to my list because I know that George’s plugins over deliver on quality, functionality, and support big time!

  9. George is always friendly. He has also earned my trust and respect by consistently delivering on his promises. He keeps updating his wordpress plugins for years after he creates them.

  10. After trying out multiple Amazon plugins, I’d decided for Associate Golliath,
    looking forward to using it live.

    George, any recommended Amazon templates?
    I am planning on using Thunderzon but it does not allow for dropdown menus.


  11. Hi George, Thanks for the great plug-in range. I have several of these all working well and easy to understand. The help links are spot on and well placed.
    The support is always prompt and precise with the answers.
    Keep them coming George
    Stay Well Stay Happy

  12. Hi George,
    I just want to say your latest project plugin I’m testing is working like a champ. It does everything you say when installed on a test site. Since I been using your plugins for 2 years, with several (4) on my site right now, you have an eye for plugins that do a specific purpose. This in turn makes my site operations easier and more dependable, whereas before it was work without them. I’m always waiting for your new ones, and your support has a fast turn around. So keep them coming!

    Thanks for your great ideas!

  13. George,
    I am a devoted customer! I use several of your plugins and I do love them! So if anyone buys your plugin they are in for a real treat! They will never be disappointed.


  14. George Katsoudas aka “The Greek Geek” is “the Einstein of WordPress”. Very analytical and pays attention to details. I have bought several of his
    plugins, and they always work as advertised.

  15. Not sure how to start writing my comments to express my relief in finding George’s plugin. It just saves me tons of time testing so many plugins out there that does not work then waste my time asking for refund and support. I happened to find iGeorge’s plugin by accident. Since I started learning about online business my inbox is inundated with emails with so many “30 days get rich plugins or softwares”. A lot I unsubscribed and put to my junk mail. I am not a developer nor a programmer, no clue on html or wordpress at first so mostly I outsourced to fiverr until for the 2nd time around another outsourcer crashed my main website due to a plugin called CB Goliath. I was so furious that I asked for my refund and removed all his access to my sites. Then he was telling me that his plugin was not free and that I should pay him. So I researched a lot on CB Goliath reviews and found George message that he has taken CB Goliath off the market. So I went back to this fiverr guy and posted him a copy of George message and that shut him up. So I thought, hmmmm, this George Greek guy seems honest, responsible of his own actions and not just interested in making money from other people. So I studied all his plugins and never been happier since I bought them and implemented them on my own websites.. My VA is so happy using all George’s plugins on all my sites. I am currently using the Ama Search bar, CB Profit Poster, Auto Azon Banner, 1M WP Launcher and WP Empire Builder. Just recently got hold of the Image Ranker, Video Ranker and List Builder. Soon to test the 1Click WP SEO on my new domain and new site. I usually don’t write reviews or comments or feedback to anything online especially when the last review here is back last year but the customer service here is just absolutely 10 star that I need to write it down. By the way, I am in no way related or know George or any of his staff at all that my comments here is purely based from my own experience. Sorry George, I have to mention CB Goliath here. Keep working on new plugins to make our internet affiliate business more profitable and easier to manage. May I suggest you also look into ebay affiliate and facebook stores plugin. Thanks again George and keep up the excellent work.

    • Hi, Robert!

      Please click on each link, and you’ll see the order buttons on the page (you may need to scroll down towards the end of each page).

      Hope this helps!


  16. Hey,

    Does autoazonbanner plugin works with AMAZON INDIA ?

    Wanted to know whether all other amazon related plugins works for Amazon INDIA as well?

  17. For anyone still on the fence about buying one of George’s plugins let me put your mind at ease…………..I bought a few in the past and had no problems..They are all designed to solve or speed up a specific issue…..Support is fantastic but for the most part you will not need it…..The plugins i bought all do as advertised… I always look forward to one of his launches to see what he has come up with, and if its something i need i buy it with out hesitation.

    In God I Trust But I Buy From George…………………..He’s the real deal.

  18. I’ve just started using Associate Goliath 5.0 and am sooo happy with the clear PDF and video installation instructions of the software, the service rendered, the new update and last but not least the transparency of George Katsoudas’ review(s).

    For the first time in 13 years, my website is starting to look decent, has no plugin conflicts or glitches and the ads in the Facebook and other social media are created automatically.

    Those on the fence, get Associate Goliath plugin today, put it to use and you will be impressed as there is no fluff. The shiny objects that have costed me ten thousands of dollars are now passé.

    Also consult the invaluable associate-goliath-profit-guide from the start.

  19. You have an incredible arsenal of products here. I just wish I had a fat ass bank account and 48 hours in a day. My favorites are the Empire Builder, the HTML2WP, and the 2 SEO Powerhouses 1 Click WP SEO and SEO Scorer. These last 2 should prove invaluable. Thanks for being so Geeky and sharing the love!

  20. Hi George,

    It would be useful if you could provide a single page to know when the plugins have been updated, revision history of new features, if they are still compatible with latest WordPress, which ones have been deprecated (if any)…


  21. I have been one of George’s customers for years. He is not like most marketers who only care about taking our money. He actually cares about us, and wants to help us build successful WordPress sites.

  22. Hi George,

    I was excited about CB Goliath and was disappointed to see that you took it off the market. However, I am here at your new(er) website and was wondering how to understand what all of your new plugins (above) will do. I am a newbie to WP and like the idea of (1) using an App to build a marketing website that will allow me to (2) market other ClickBank products within CB general categories. Will your Plugins allow me to do so?

    Is there a “Guide”and a “How To” to you the implementation and use of your products? If, yes, please point me to this documentation.

    Thank you,


  23. Hi (Again) George,

    I have reviewed your online WP Empire Builder materials and as I understand it, this is an easy way to create/build new websites. My question is – Do you have a plugin that I would call “Clickbank Autoblog Plugin for WordPress”? I want to “market” a number of products in Clickbank in a variety of CB categories and so I need a Plugin to search CB and link my WP website to other Vendors’ websites and get paid for this. Possible?

    Is this available?

    Thank you,


    • Hi, Bill!

      My Clickbank plugin CB Goliath is currently off the market, but I may make it available again, once I update some things.

      Each one of my plugins has “help” links inside them, next to each specific function.

      Hope this helps! :-)


  24. After several experience Found Associate Goliath It is the best
    Amazon Affiliate Plugin
    If it continues to develop
    Especially post Title
    If there is a way to shorten or Spinning Title
    It would have been much better

    Good luck George And sorry for my bad English

  25. George
    I have a website that has had over 125,000 views (taken from Google Analytics) this month, this is quite normal. I’m moving to a new blog and the traffic will come with me.

    There are so many useful plugins I’m a little unsure which one I should use. It is a football (soccer) team website that I post 5-7 articles a day. While I also have a football shop I have an Amazon account so it seems to make sense to make use of it.

    The Amazon plugins could be useful, what about 1 click image ranking, does that not overlapwhat the 1 click SEO is doing for instance?

    • Hi, Clive!

      There is some overlap between 1-Click Image Ranker and 1-Click WP SEO, in the sense that both will optimize an image on your post/page. However, 1-Click WP SEO will not create an image from scratch, if no images already exist in your post. 1-Click Image Ranker will also create an image from scratch.

      Hope this helps!


  26. George you are totally awesome. All of your plug-ins work splendidly ,
    I always wait for you to release new ones I haven’t but you’re one click video rancor plug-in yet but I really want it.

  27. I’ve been recommending one click Video ranker and the people I’ve recommended it to experience higher ranking videos. Whatever special sauce you have in that plug-in., it works.

  28. To be honest, the simplicity and effectiveness of George’s plugins make them almost impossible not to have. If a plugin has George’s name on it, chances are that I will buy first and think second. He has this weird ability of making amazingly useful and easy-to-use plugins. Besides, the guy is honest!
    Nice one Gearoge!

  29. Hi George
    I know amazon affiliate policy just got updated I wanted to know if your plugins go against any of their policy so we don’t lose our affiliate requirements.

    • Hi, Rahul!

      SEO Scorer shows you what you need to change, when you create a post. It’s best if you have a site where you create each post yourself.

      1-Click WP SEO actually optimizes hundreds of posts for your desired keywords. It’s best used for sites with tons of pages that are created automatically (say, from feeds, Amazon API, or other automatic content plugins).

      Hope this helps!


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