I’m SICK and TIRED of all the negativity in the news
(that’s why I don’t watch it anymore).

Basically, they tell you it’s all gloom and doom,
so you get scared, and you keep watching them
(along with the ads that make them money).

Do yourself a favour and watch THIS video instead:

“Why The Future Is Better Than You Think”:


Talk soon,


PS. More and more wealth is being created in the
World. Now is the time to go out there and get
some of it for yourself. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about
a new Amazon plugin that will help you with that…

Why The Future Is Better Than You Think

Can a Masai Warrior in Africa today communicate better than Ronald Reagan could? If he's on a cell phone, Peter Diamandis says he can.

Peter Diamandis is the founder and chairman of the X Prize Foundation, which offers big cash prizes "to bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity." Reason's Tim Cavanaugh sat down to talk with Peter about his new book Abundance and why he think we live in an "incredible time", but no one realizes it. Peter thinks that there are some powerful human forces combined with technological advancements that are transforming the world for the better.

"The challenge is that the rate of innovation is so fast..." Peter says, "the government can't keep up with it." If the government tries to play "catch up" with regulations and policy, the technology with just go overseas. Certain inovations in "food, water, housing, health, education is getting better and better." Peter "hopes we are not going to be in a situation where, entrenched interests are preventing the consumer from having better health care."

Filmed by Sharif Matar and Tracy Oppenheimer. Edited by Sharif Matar

About 15 minutes

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