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Have you ever purchased a watch, either for yourself, or as a gift for someone you care about?

Me too!

People buy watches that cost $50 or less all the way to $30,000 and more.

The reason I’m creating this post is to show you a way to profit from this trend, as an Amazon affiliate.

My good friend Coolice has come up with something called Watch Clone.

So, what is Watch Clone?

Basically it’s a ready-made, WordPress Amazon store.

It allows you to have your own site that sells the latest and most popular watches for men, women and children, watch accessories and more.

Watch Clone live demo:

Let me show you what Watch Clone looks like. I have set up a live Watch Clone demo site for you. This is the homepage:

watch cloneYour visitors can go directly to the type of watches they want, with the click of a button. They can find watches for men, women, boys, girls, watch accessories, novelty watches.

They can find casual, sport, or luxury watches…

They can find watches from their favourite brand like Casio, Seiko, Timex, Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer…

They can also find watches by price. Watches that cost less than $50, all the way to $1000+.

Watch Clone specific post demo:

Here’s a demo post with a luxury watch:

watch clone review

Feel free to click the image above to go to the demo post…

At the very top there are buttons that allow your visitors to share your post on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linked in, or Pinterest…

Most posts like this one also have 3 different Youtube video reviews that your visitor can watch. Video converts much better than text alone. Plus, video pages tend to get a lot of traffic. Let’s not forget that Google owns Youtube…

You’ll notice that the watch in the post above costs $39,950.00. There are many “crazy” people with a ton of money that buy products like this. And rich people haven’t been hit by the recession as bad as the middle class has. They always seem to have more money to spend. At this price, a watch is no longer a time-keeping device. It’s a piece of jewelry and a high-status symbol.

If you received just 4% commissions on this, that would be over $1,500 dollars!

If the visitor clicks the “Buy on Amazon” button, they will be taken to Amazon to buy the product. Amazon is a big and trusted name, and people don’t hesitate to buy from there.

The post also has an add-to-cart button. If a visitor adds an Amazon product to their cart, the life of the Amazon affiliate cookie gets extended from 24 hours to 90 days. This means that, if your visitors buy anything within the next 90 days from Amazon, you will get credit for that.

Each post also contains screenshots of the product, its features and the product’s description.

In the footer of the site, there is a disclaimer that Amazon associates are required to have on their sites.

People search for product names all the time. And people who search for them are in buying mode. That’s why sites that have content around product names convert so well…

The prices of the products are updated regularly when updates run on your website. This could be set up hourly, daily or weekly.

And of course, you can use more plugins on the site, to extend it’s functionality. Including my own plugins.

Watch Clone OTO – Unlimited License (Preview)

watch clone oto

Click image once and then click on the new image again to see it in full size

After you buy the regular, single-site license, you will see a one-time offer (OTO) for the unlimited version…

You can see a preview of it on the left. Click the image once and then click on it once again with your “magnifying glass cursor” to see it in full size…

I highly recommend that you get the unlimited version (it’s $67). And I’m not saying this to hard sell you on it. I truly believe it’s the best value for money and it will give you so many more opportunities to make money in this niche…

The regular single-site version of Watch Clone comes with 1,550 posts (products) in 23 categories.

But for the demo site I set up, I used the unlimited, multi-site license which has more than 10 times the content. The unlimited license generated 15,813 posts.

And it took me less than 10 minutes to set up everything from start to finish.

Btw, even though it’s not openly advertised, both the single-site and and the unlimited version come with free installation. You can just contact Coolice and he will set up everything for you for free…

Watch Clone Bonus:

Also, If you are thinking of buying this business in a box, use the link below. Why? Because I will also send you one of my own WordPress plugins from for free (ANY one you want. Whichever you choose). You can use it to make your Watch Clone site even more powerful.

Only 22 bonuses will be given. Current status: Available.

Here’s what to do now:

STEP 1: Go to Watch Clone and purchase the package.

STEP 2: Please fill in this form.

a) For the field “Which product did you just buy?”, just type “Watch Clone.”

b) For the field “Which product would you like as your bonus?”, just include the name of the WordPress plugin you want.

You should receive your bonus in less than 48 hours. :-)

Note: The price of the regular version will go up from $37 to $67 on November 17th, 11:00 AM, EST.

Free, no-obligation bonuses you can download right now, because you are cool for being my customer:

Btw, there are some affiliate bonuses available on the JV page of Watch Clone. These bonuses will help you promote your Watch Clone site and get traffic to it. Many affiliates will promise these bonuses to you, if you buy Watch Clone through their affiliate link.

But I wanted to give them to you upfront. Click this link to download the Watch Clone bonuses without any obligation! :-)

If you have any comments or questions, please post them below and I’ll answer as best as I can…



Watch Clone by Coolice - review and bonus This is my review and bonus for the Amazon affiliate store Watch Clone by Coolice


Your own WATCH Amazon affiliate store with 15,813 products in 10 minutes. Watch Clone by Coolice – review and bonus — 14 Comments

  1. Hi George,

    For the Unlimited version, it says “Target 9 Different Locations”…..what if I come from none of these countries? No commission could be made?


    • Hi, Phidias!

      It doesn’t matter where you come from. For example, I live in Greece, but I am signed up with, etc…

      Is this what you mean?

      Hope this helps!


      • What I mean is…in the preview picture (sales page) for the Unlimited version…One of the point written was…

        You will receive:

        Target 9 Different Location – Choose from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, China or Japan and easily customize your store.

        And I am not from one of these countries. I am from Malaysia. Could you please tell me what does this mean?

        Phidias Lo

        • Hi, Phidias!

          Yes, there’s no problem. You don’t need to live in any of these countries.

          I live in Greece, and I have accounts with,,, etc.

 is in English, while is in German.

          Hope this helps!


  2. Hi George,

    What does mean in this case “unlimited” – “multi-site”? This is only one “wordpress multisite” installation installed by Coolice and I’ll manage the unlimited domains from one dashboard?


    • Hi, Miklos!

      This is not multi-site. It means that you can install the store on unlimited domains (not necessarily on the same server).

      Hope this helps,


  3. Hi,

    I am not very technical so please bear with me!
    I own the domain which I was thinking of selling, but may have a go setting up this instead.
    The domain is parked at the moment, I would just be using this domain as a stand alone website. What is the best option single or multi licience, can you sell globably with the single licience or just one country?

    The help mentioned setting up the site, for a newbie like me, is is just a case of giving the URL and all is done for me?

    Kind regards

    jon Maitland

    • Hi, Jon! :-)

      The single-site license covers (US locale) only. The other locales are unlocked with the Unlimited version.

      With that said, you can sell worldwide with both versions. The other locales are there to target other markets (UK, DE etc.) with products retrieved specifically from that Amazon locale website.

      However, ships worldwide anyway.

      Hope this helps!


  4. How can add more Amazon market place? I want to add : Brazil, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico.
    How to do that? Will you make any update on this?

    • Hi, Penny!

      The regular, single-site version only supports

      The unlimited, multi-site version supports:

      United States
      United Kingdom

      If you want to target the above countries, you will need an unlimited license.

      Btw, this is not my own product.

      Hope this helps!