Here’s a very well-done video that shares some of the most important ideas rich people use to accumulate wealth:

I enjoyed watching it, and hope you will too! :-)


Secret Millionaires Mind - Attracting Wealth

Master Your Mind, Master Your Life!


Do you want to know the secrets of millionaires? You already know that the wealthy think differently from the poor - about money, taking risks, and even life in general. The most striking difference, of course, is how they think about money.
Rich people use their "wealth files" to make decisions - these are attitudes and beliefs that help them create wealth. Over the last several articles, you have learned about these "wealth files" and begun to change or at least be aware of your own way of thinking.

As your thoughts change, so do your choices. You have probably noticed yourself thinking in old patterns, been able to stop yourself, and substituted the new patterns of though for the old ones, as wealthy people do.

These new concepts are simple, yet deep. They allow people to make important changes in their lives around financial issues, as well as the rest of life. Consider this your own personal internet millionaire mind secret! The key to harnessing the power of your mind is to first understand it. Of course, as with most other physical aspects of reality, the subconscious mind does adhere to some rules and regulations. The mind has what is known as the ego defense mechanism. This mechanism works to protect you from emotional shocks and scars. It also can cause you harm if you don't know how to control it. Those of us who have suffered from tough relationship breakups have experienced the ego defense mechanism. The subconscious mind stores much of our memories, and it wants to hold on to the ones that made us feel good. So when we end a relationship with someone whom we hold good memories of, our minds go into overdrive compensating for the loss. But once we understand that our emotions are simply just messages we send to ourselves, we can start to learn to control what messages we send.
In addition to controlling emotions, we all hold secret mind power that can change our lives if we learn to harness it. That power can be described as mind control. We aren't referring to espionage or hypnosis, but rather the power to filter and control what goes into and comes out of our minds. Truly, mind control is more about the power of the will to change and shape the way we think and live our lives.


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