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I just wanted to make this short video to let you know how much I appreciate all my customers like you…

And I don’t say this because it sounds nice – I really do appreciate you at a very deep level!

I appreciate your support, your loyalty and your kind words.

That’s why I decided to do a customer appreciation Q & A.

If you have a question about online marketing, mindset, or anything you feel I could answer, just post it below as a comment.

I will go through all the questions and I will create a separate video with the answers to as many of those questions as possible. I’ll probably do that sometime next week.

If you don’t want your real name to appear in the comment, you can use a nickname.

So, thanks again and looking forward to receiving your questions! :-)

Talk soon!


Thanks for being my customer - I want to give something back...

http://www.georgekatsoudas.com/thanks-for-being-my-customer-i-want-to-give-something-back If you have a question about online marketing, mindset, or anything you feel I could answer, just post it there and I will answer as many questions as possible, sometime next week :-)


Thanks for being my customer – I want to give something back… — 45 Comments

  1. here are just my 2 Q:
    – how did you come up with a ‘winning’ plugin?
    – where did you outsource your work?

  2. Hi George,

    I started out with WP and Amazon with intention of integrating adwords from Amazon and some google ads. I purchased Amazon Goliath which is brilliant but im unsure where to go next. The sites not yet converting but thats more a traffic issue still but my problem is there is so many decent looking ways to go and products available I dont want to be caught in the trap of buy everything and master nothing.

    I am not rich yet but I am willing to buy products if they are the right choice but ive seen so may offers and good reviews as well as weeding out bad stuff it kinda makes things hard to be sure not to go the wrong way with producs that will do the job but just implemented badly.

    With Thanks

    James Ellis

    PS You can use my name im not worried over that and thanks for reading. ;)

  3. Hello

    It is very nice from your ste. I have two questions.

    How to rank our website safe and with small amuount of time?

    How to sell out without skills of copywriting. Is it possible?


  4. Hi George,
    Thanks for this opportunity. I have accumulated close to 200 niche wordpress websites and I paid more than $10,000. for these sites over time beginning about 4 years ago. Things were great for a few months I was generating some income and traffic numbers were increasing steadily. one of my shared servers was severely hacked twice over a two month period so I had to reload all of those affected websites three time in about a four month time frame – they have never recovered and I’m going broke paying for maintenance of these sites. I refuse to cut my losses and I tried to sell a few but the income leves were too low to make any money – losses are unacceptable as I have too much at stake and I mean more than time and $$’s. I have used a number of your plugins to no avail [i believe they will work with better traffic]. regular updating and site maintenance is nearly imposible but I do add unique content daily via Artticle Builder software.
    I am nearing my limit with this problem and I would appreciate some help other than SEO, and traditional ideas for traffic generation if possible – Google algo. changes have really hurt me as well. These a great websites with real appeal and great graphical templates loaded with info – they simply are not generating any income and it’s very frustrating. Thoughts please?

  5. Hello George,
    I been wondering about Domain Names and Hosting.
    I use HostGator for hosting and Godaddy for purchasing Domain names.
    Here is my question – does it matter how many domains names I host on one hosting account as far as, helping or hurting, SEO rankings?
    In other words does it matter if I have 30 Domains on one hosting account as compared to 2 Domains on one hosting account?
    Another question is:
    Does it matter as far as SEO rankings, if I use regular Domains or Sub-Domains? Could you explain the positive or negatives for each?

    Mark Steele

  6. My question is basically about the method of good converting traffic sources.

    I find unpaid sources are rubbish, SEO is any ones guess atm, so what paid sources of traffic are the most effective?


  7. Hi George,
    Thanks for giving this opportunity.
    Actually I am struglling in this market since 2009. I have made a real estate website at that time, then a classified website, then Indian SMS delivery website, then hosting then…. and more websites.
    But I was not able to earn a single dollar using that. I have used adsense on my website classifiedclue.com, but this account was suspended by google, even I have not done anything to that. At that time I have got good organic traffic for this. Later I have used CB Goliath on 3 of my websites, but I have not earned anything even after SEO marketing of that sites.
    Now I want to relaunch my classified website http://www.ClassifiedClue.com, I was using PhpMyDirectory script on it with shared hosting, but about 3 times my hosting account was suspended by different hosts due to CPU resources abusing.
    Now I have installed oxyclassifieds on it. I also have premiumpress classified and directory theme.
    So please suggest what to do to earn money with this website. It is a good and premium domain name.

    Thanks for co operation.

  8. I want to know how to get traffic and sales to my sites, and how to get a good email list. I Need help no matter what I try I can’t make a $1

    Thanks Len

  9. Dear George,
    As one of my favorite guys in this mad mad world of hype and horror, I would sooooo much like to know how to install a site. One of the many ready made wonders that one purchases because one is a fool:) I have a bunch, of course, but cannot find anything on You tube or anywhere else that shows..step by small step, how one installs a ready made wonder!:)
    Can You help?
    Love Love Love Ya!

  10. I think the most important thing, once you have a site up is to drive traffic to it. It would be interesting to know how to do that.

    Also, what tricks & tips have worked for you in the past?


  11. Hello Georges,
    Thanks for that opportunity to ask questions.
    I need to make money asap. I bought so many WSO courses about SEO (but most of them just list all the alternatives and it seems that I should do all and it never ends) and your Amazon and CB Goliath. I understand the onsite SEO can be done with your products but as it is not enough to rank, how can I do effective Offline SEO without breaking my wallet and work all day. I might consider outsourcing it but I need an affective way to do it and earn real money. Could you please explain a real, complete and effective way to do offsite SEO for any website? Thanks again. I really trust your genuine way to help people. Best regards

  12. Hi George,
    I don’t know whether you are willing to share this info, but I would like to know which freelance website you use to create so many products.

    Also, I think you should create a product showing the inside secrets to dishing out so many products in such a short time.


  13. Hi George!

    Thanks for giving your readers this opportunity!
    Here is a problem you can help with:


    Let me give you one example to illustrate…

    We (a partner and I) developed a really cool WordPress plugin that will help create and insert beautiful Johnson Boxes (a.k.a. text-boxes or content-boxes) on WordPress pages, in posts and widgets.

    Unfortunately we don’t get all the traffic we want, so how should we continue to get better and more quality traffic?

    I guess getting traffic is the # one problem for a lot of people!

    Thanks and Cheers,

  14. Hi George =]

    I love your plug-ins and I have a question about a new site i would love if you could combined PL from GVO and make plug-in that helps with lead generation, opt-in capture pages or overlays of some sort?

    Thank you…

  15. Other than using Amazon sites (I can’t as I live in NC), what would in your opinion be the quickest way in 2013 for earning some decent money online?
    Sort of a step by step outline including how to’s for getting niche idea’s, WP theme to use and of course which plugins you use and recommend.


  16. Hi George,

    I want to thank you for the wonderful plugins you have created. I use a few of them on all my sites and am very happy with them.

    I have an idea for a plugin and would like to hire someone to develop it. How do I find someone to do this? Is this very expensive to do?

    Thank you,


  17. Hi George. I have purchased many of your software products. The lifetime updates are awesome. What theme do you think is the most valuable for wordpress?

  18. Hi George.
    Every few days there will be a new product introduced in the warrior forum. Especially the ready made Amazon niche websites or CB products, just upload them and wait for the money to roll in.

    Now that’s an understatement. With everyone buying them, in the same niche, same theme, same contents, isn’t that competing with each other. Added that google would not give traffic that easily! (and its duplicate content too)

    Yeah the site is impressive, but what’s the point. The only person who makes money is the developer himself! What do you think?

  19. Dear George:
    To tell you the truth, I bought one of your products because I feel you are an honest man and I wanted to cooperate with you because of all the heart ache Greece is going through.
    My basic problem is: I ‘d like to be able to actually execute on X and see a result.
    I have WP sites and paid themes and many plugins but I just can’t seem to get the content all pulled together in an elegant and compelling fashion.

    For example, I’ve got a mobile website builder, and Amazon stuff and Social Media and Insta builder and Market Samurai and Longtail Pro and a video camera blah blah blah.

    Lately, I bought a .com domain in freelancer space because I started to think that the best way to results for myself is to help others and I just don’t feel much satisfaction with Amazon even though I know it would probably work if I just slogged on with it.

    My question is: how can I sense of consistent purpose and direction online so I can create properties I can be proud of and pass on to my son?

    George you are great and I really admire all the work you have done. I wish you every happiness!


    Harold Glascock

  20. Thank you for many years of great service, products and guidance. One question about Themes for WP – any really good clean “free” ones to use for niche marketing and with your plugins. One big challenge is liking a theme, setting up the site and then adding plugins that conflict. Just curious. Blessings to you.

  21. I like the comments – and would like to here along the same lines … maybe some good keywords research methods to find not so heavily competed for words, and/or a strategy of what should be accomplished when going for the more heavily competed for keywords … other than that, i am ready to listen on answers of the above commentors – except I do not need your sources, or how to create plugins…

    Thank you George –

  22. I have a number of Amazon UK websites that auto-post using Amazon Goliath.

    I am concerned that I am not using the right keywords as I get very little traffic to these sites from the auto-posts that Amazon Goliath creates.

    I have seen a keyword tool called “Keyword Winner” by Daniel Lew but not sure if it will help getting more traffic.

    Why has nobody made a plugin that creates spun articles for Amazon products
    and then with the help of a keyword tool such as “Keyword Winner” which then targets the correct keywords andt then posts to the most relevant sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Tumblr etc etc.

    Your Amazon Goliath creates posts that get no traffic, what do you suggest?

  23. How to assure that video will play with no
    interaptions on mobile phones and in general
    on mobile devices?

  24. a) how specifically can we draw a *ton* of traffic in our niche using YouTube?
    b) and unless it’s a solid traffic source, how can we do the same with iTunes (podcasts for example)

  25. Hi George,

    I have a few old and new posts and sites that are doing well in search engines, but not quite at the top.

    I have a few ideas, but you probably have some I don’t know about:

    How do you “bump” a post or page up a spot or two fairly quickly, assuming it is already within the first 20 results for the main target keyword?

    I know “position” is not exact anymore, so let’s assume “average position” is what we would like to lower (improve), say by at least 0.5

    In other words, what are the best quick ways of promotion that will not result in any penalties and have noticeable effect within say 24-48 hours.

    Would your strategy be different with say, a 3 year old post that ranks top 5 versus a one week old post that ranks 10-15?

    Also, these generally already rank top 3 for at least a few long tail keywords.

    Thank you!

    Peter Stolmar

  26. Hi George,
    I seem to be spending quite a bit of time now learning seo since Google keep bringing out updates.
    How do you rank a site post Penguin/Panda and make it stick?

    Also, I am focusing on authority sites now but I can’t find a decent authority site theme that can show reviews and informational articles, doesn’t look like an ecommerce store and is seo friendly. Maybe a project for you in the near future?

  27. Hi George,

    I am in the same boat as Harold Glascock in the above comments. I also relate to some others in their desire for success. You have a lot of work ahead of you George to help us, and I feel you are up to it.

    Thank you for what you do.


  28. Hello George, I would appreciate your thoughts on how to promote a team based product ie: webbased tools with an mlm/networking bias. Rather than for example a toaster on amazon. Where do you see a difference from a marketing point of view?

  29. Hey I’am Building a Video tutorial site most of the website is not “private” but I may Have a Small amount of The Videos in a “members area” that They Must Opt-in to see those videos i Wouldn’t be charging money for access so it doesn’t have to be “super secure”.But I was wondering if I Host the videos on You-tube is there a way to make the videos “Private” ??? (as far as You-tube is concerned) so people could not access on you-tube??

  30. I install CB Goliath and it posts automatically in accordance with the category I need.
    I only write a few posts in my blog, so most of my posts are automated posts from CB engine.
    My question is :
    1. Can I apply Google Adsense account for my blog?
    2. Can my blog get high rank in the search engines if most of my posts are
    automated blog posts from CB Goliath?

    Thank for the opportunity given for me to ask my questions…

  31. Hi George,
    Backlinking? Everyone says that you need backlinking to get your website ranked. So what is the most effective and cost efficient way to get quality backlinks to ones sites.


  32. Hi George,

    Most of the questions I wanted to ask have already been asked by others, and I don’t really wish to duplicate questions :-) but thanks for this opportunity to ask questions and pick your brains.

    Keep up the good work,
    Best Regards,

  33. Hi George,

    I think you make really great plugins, they always work, but most important to me is you try to create items to help save time! Big Plus in my book!

    I have many affiliate sites, all different, some large some small but the one thing I believe everyone needs help with at one point or another is Traffic!
    Unless you’re sites are all on pg 1 chances are you need traffic, I know I do!

    I think learning to use methods which are not reliant on “G” are most important and I”m trying to learn all I can!

    I will always appreciate any suggestions or advice from anyone as you never know what you may learn! :)


  34. Like everyone else, traffic please!

    Also I get very confused about categories and tags in WP.

    Silly keyword things – like do upper/lower case matter, hyphens, should I separate by vertical bars or commas and spaces.


  35. I love your plugins George. I’m a Sr Citizen on Social Security, and unlike many of your followers am not looking to be a Master of the Universe. I’m looking for the simplest way to make a steady $35/day to pay for my medications to stay alive.
    Is there a way to do this and not have it cost too much to make it happen.
    Thanks George…
    Jim P

  36. Hi George,

    Thanks for your hard work. Here my question.

    We all know that mobile devices are getting their way in on the market. What you suggest to get the maximum of your mobile websites to get find on Google Organic searches?

  37. How do your build your websites using Associate Goliath and CB Goliath that make them successful with high traffic and conversions?

    Do you build authority sites or niche sites?
    Do you use sub-domains or just domains?
    Do you do keyword research and if so how do you incorporate the keywords into the post created by Associate Goliath and CB Goliath?
    Do you use content only from Associate Goliath and CB Goliath or do you create other content?
    Do you auto create content with Associate Goliath and CB Goliath and leave it as is or do you optimize every post?
    What SEO do you do on page and off page?
    What plugins do you use?

    Is there any thing else that I haven’t mentioned that you do to create a successful site using Associate Goliath and CB Goliath?

    The plugins you create are great. Thanks George and keep creating them.


  38. Hi Geroge

    I am using extendazon, and love it!

    My biggest problem, is hacking. It seems like as soon as I start cutting into someone’s profits I get hacked. One of my hosts offers a 3rd party service to secure the hosting for $39.95 a year and I have installed bulletproof and Better Internet security plugins on most of my sites.

    Do you have any specific recommendations for WP security plugins or services.

    Thanks s bunch from the British Columbia mountains

  39. Hi George, Its your old buddy from the pushbutton days, George it seems like most of the questions asked follow a general theme but as we have accessed this area from your plugins l will stick to questions relating to them.

    Associate Goliath building sub niches on Amazon and using the categories as the sub-niche….on the wordpress theme.

    It seems to be the same question every time..on automated generated content in associate goliath how is the best way to ensure if possible to do the seo correctly or does the plugin do that automatically?
    I also use another plugin which offers me the ability to curate amazon information then l add it to the goliath produced pages afterwords to try to make the content more original.
    It would be nice and the basis of a ready made video tutorial course you could sell if you could take the members through a video tutorial course that features associate goilath that shows them how to set the plugin up correctly so that the seo is also done at the same time and give them some case studies, you could even invite them to join your very own Associate Goliath Challenge competition and publish the results. regards Pete

  40. Hey George,

    What’s your thoughts on exact match domains? I know some folks use them and seem to have great results. These same folks consider Matt Cutts to be full of hot air and are convinced he just misleads us.

    Anyway, please share your thoughts.


  41. Hi George,

    I have several WordPress blogs all of which have been penalized by Google probably because I was using auto-blogging techniques. So although I have a couple of sites ranking in Yahoo, my traffic has all but died. My Adwords account was also suspended! I therefore have 2 questions.
    1) Can I still make these “dead” sites profitable in some way?
    2) I am building more sites that I hope will be Google friendly, but will Google automatically penalize me becuse of my IP address.

    Many thanks for your help. I have several of your great plugins, and I wish you every success.

    kind regards,


  42. Thanks everyone! I will start working on the answers. Closing the comments for now. See you in “part two” in a few days ;-)