(Click on the video below to watch it).

(Click on the video above to watch it).

About a year ago, I got to know a fellow WordPress plugin developer and affiliate marketer. His name is Ryan Stevenson.

Ryan has been marketing online for 17+ years, but I had never heard of him before.

Why? Because he prefers actually doing business and not being one of those “marketing gurus” who just sell over-hyped products.

Long story short, we became good business friends and started promoting each other’s products. Ryan is consistently one of my top affiliates for every WordPress plugin I create. He doesn’t say he is a super affiliate. He just is.

And he is an expert in things like WordPress, Amazon, SEO and Email Marketing.

The reason I’m creating this video is to let you know that for the next 7 days only, Ryan will be making available his “life’s work”, so to speak, for a very affordable price.

You can basically get access to 8 of his WordPress plugins and 19 ebooks that Ryan has written.

The ebook guides will show you:

  • How to write content that will get great search engine rankings for years to come
  • How to run effective newsletters that earn money and retain subscribers
  • How to properly market products outside of the USA
  • How to create WordPress sites that get a lot of traffic
  • How to build Amazon affiliate sites that convert visitors to buyers

The plugins will do a lot of the work for you. Specifically:

  • Place customized ads for Amazon and Clickbank on your site
  • Extend the life of your Amazon cookie from 24 hours to 90 days
  • Help you sell related products to your visitors automatically
  • Create comparison charts
  • Convert your Amazon affiliate links to redirect international visitors to the proper Amazon domain
  • Place “daily Amazon deal” ads on your sites
  • Find related keywords to include in your content

You can use these plugins on unlimited sites you own. You will also receive free lifetime updates for each of them.

You can get a personal license to use the plugins on your site, or get a developer’s license to use the plugins on client’s websites.

You can click the following link  to learn more about Ryan’s super bundle.

One thing you’ll notice is that this is a breath of fresh air from the overhyped salesletters that hard sell you. That’s just not Ryan’s style, and that’s why his customers trust him so much.

Just two of these plugins would cost more than $37 if purchased individually and these same plugins have sold more than 1,000 copies at their standard prices, so you are getting a lot of value.

After your purchase, you will see an OTO (one-time offer).

Here are the main advantages of the OTO:

1) You get to extend the functionality of some of the plugins.

2) You get to place backlinks to your site on Ryan’s http://amzps.com Niche directory. You can do this for each site you use the plugins on.

3) You get a Lifetime VIP Club Gold Membership, which gives you access to all of Ryan’s future WordPress plugins and information products, so this is a great deal, because Ryan creates new products all the time…

Ryan Stevenson's Super Bundle OTO PreviewOTO Preview:

On the left, you can see a preview of the OTO page.

Please click on the image once and then click on it once again with your “magnifying glass cursor” to see it in full size.

If you buy the personal licenses on the front-end, then you will see an OTO for $97.

The VIP Club Gold Membership will give you access to the personal license of the plugins Ryan creates in the future.

If you buy the developer licenses on the front-end, then you will see an OTO for $147.

In that case, the VIP Club Gold Membership will give you access to the developer’s license of the plugins Ryan creates in the future.

You will be able to use them on client’s websites as well.

This offer will close strictly at 11:59 pm EST on Thursday, April 4, 2013.

Btw, If you are thinking of buying this package, use the link in the post below. Why? Because I will also send you one of my own WordPress plugins for free.

Here’s what to do now:

STEP 1: Go to Ryan Stevenson’s Super Bundle and purchase the package.

STEP 2: Please open a support ticket at my bonus help desk.

For the field “Which product did you just buy?” just type “Ryan Stevenson’s Super Bundle.”

For the field “Which product would you like as your bonus?” just enter the name of the plugin you want.

You should receive your bonus in less than 48 hours :-)

Thanks and talk soon!


Ryan Stevenson Super Bundle Review and Bonus

http://georgekatsoudas.com/ryan-stevensons-amazon-wordpress-plugin-super-bundle-review-bonus This is my review and bonus for Ryan Stevenson's Amazon and SEO WordPress plugin and information guide super bundle.


[Amazon, SEO and Email] 8 WordPress Plugins & 19 guides from a succesful and experienced marketer for $37 (7 days only) — 2 Comments

  1. Sounds like a good deal……….I also never heard of ryan,but like i said before I trust your judgment…….In my opinon, you are one of the few people i do not hesitate to buy a product from ,

    I always look forward to your e-mails , hoping you came up with something that i havent seen yet……Knowing that if you did it will be a quality product.

    Your The Man George

  2. Hi George I already have ExtendAzon, I am interested in a couple of the plugins he has in the package. I might be interested if I could get a bonus of a couple of your super plugins.


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