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This offer is no longer available. Thanks for your interest!

You may have noticed that recently, I haven’t been promoting affiliate offers as often as I used to. The last time I promoted something was almost 3 weeks ago…

One of the reasons is that I have been very busy with an upcoming project. But another reason is that I have decided to be promoting fewer products that I feel are a really good match for what my customers want and need…

Which brings me to today’s post. :-)

In the last couple of months I have promoted two products by my friend Coolice. One of them was called Hardware Clone and the other one was called Mobile Clone. Both of these are ready-made WordPress Amazon affiliate stores, and both times my customers went bananas over them. They absolutely loved them…

The reason I’m creating this post is to let you know that Coolice has come up with yet again ready-made Amazon WordPress store called Photo Clone.

So, what is Photo Clone?

Basically it allows to have your own store that sells the latest and most popular digital cameras, camcorders, optics, flashes, lenses, security or surveillance cameras etc. You get to combine the selling power behind some of the biggest brands – like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung etc…

Here are a few interesting facts:

  • Over 84% of US households own a digital camera…
  • This industry is a huge business and it’s generating over $200 Billion in revenue every year…
  • The average DSLR camera is priced over $500 and that means HUGE commissions for affiliates like you and me…

Let me show you what Photo Clone looks like. I have set up a live Photo Clone demo for you…

photo-clone-coolice-review-bonusFeel free to click the image above to go to the demo post…

At the very top there are buttons that allow your visitors to share your post on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linked in or Pinterest…

If the visitor clicks the “Buy on Amazon” button, they will be taken to Amazon to buy the product. Amazon is a big and trusted name, and people don’t hesitate to buy from there.

The post also has an add-to-cart button. If a visitor adds an Amazon product to their cart, the life of the Amazon affiliate cookie gets extended from 24 hours to 90 days. This means that, if your visitors buy anything within the next days from Amazon, you will get credit for that.

This post has 3 different Youtube video reviews that your visitor can watch. Video converts much better than text alone. Plus, video pages tend to get a lot of traffic. Let’s not forget that Google owns Youtube…

Each post also contains screenshots of the product, its features and the product’s description.

In the footer of the blog there is a disclaimer that Amazon associates are required to have on their sites.

Visit the Photo Clone demo blog post or watch the video above to see everything that is included in the post.

People search for product names and product name reviews all the time. And people who search for them are in buying mode. That’s why sites that have content around product names convert so well…

The regular single-site version of Photo Clone comes with 1518 posts. But for the demo site I set up, I used the unlimited, multi-site license which has 10 times the content. The unlimited license generated 15,122 posts in 94 categories. And it took me less than 10 minutes to set up everything from start to finish. Btw, if you are interested, here’s the Photo Clone installation guide pdf.

Photo Clone OTO – Unlimited License (Preview)

photoclone-otoAfter you buy the regular, single-site license, you will see a one-time offer (OTO) for the unlimited version…

You can see a preview of it on the left. Click the image once and then click on it once again with your “magnifying glass cursor” to see it in full size…

I highly recommend that you get the unlimited version (it’s $67). And I’m not saying this to hard sell you on it. I truly believe it’s the best value for money and it will give you so many more opportunities to make money in this niche…

If you get the unlimited version and you aren’t very tech-savvy, Coolice will even install the site for you…

Best Photo Clone Bonus:

Also, If you are thinking of buying this business in a box, use the link below. Why? Because I will also send you one of my own WordPress plugins for free.

Here’s what to do now:

STEP 1: Go to Photo Clone and purchase the package. (Goes live at 11:00 AM EST).

STEP 2: Please open a support ticket here.

a) For the field “Which product did you just buy?”, just type “Photo Clone.”

b) For the field “Which product would you like as your bonus?”, just include the name of the WordPress plugin you want.

You should receive your bonus in less than 48 hours :-)

Thanks and talk soon!


Photo Clone by Coolice Review and Bonus This is my video review and bonus for the ready-made amazon store Phone Clone by Coolice


Your own online Amazon digital-camera store with 15,122 products in 10 minutes? Photo Clone by Coolice – review and bonus — 4 Comments

  1. I Heard of this guy,but did not know what to make of him…(.He does put a store together nicely.)……..If he,s a friend of yours and you like what he does….thats good enough for me………Im In………Thanx George.

  2. Hi,

    I have seen a wonderful presentation of the demo site. One question here, can I integrate this Photo Clone into other niches apart from the digital (like Home & gardening … etc) ?


  3. Hi Sebastian!

    This is a ready-made store that sells digital cameras. It doesn’t have any home and gardening products…


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