“Abandoned in an orphanage at 3 years old,
Choi ran away from the orphanage at 5 years
old after being beaten by the adults there.

He lived “on the streets of Korea” for 10 years,
all alone, selling chewing gum and energy drinks
to survive.”

However, “don’t cry for Choi Argentina”

Things has started looking up:


(This is a Korean video but has English subtitles.
If you see an ad over the subs, just close the ad).

That’s inspiration right there.

Some people have everything and they waste
their life away. Others start with nothing and
make something out of it…

Talk soon,


[Korea's Got Talent] tvN 코리아 갓 탤런트 Ep.1 Sung-bong Choi!!!.avi

Now, Sung-bong Choi has his official website! Please check it out!!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sungbongchoiofficial
Twitter: @choisungbong
Paypal Account: sung-bongchoi@live.co.kr

I heard he went to Art High School, but he could barely graduate because of his financial problem. I bet he couldn't get private lessons or support for his vocal training.. I admire him even more!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously cried when he started singing.. just wanna give him a Huge Hug!!
Bring it on Sung-bong!!! :)

** "Manual Worker": People laugh when Sung-bong said "manual worker" because the way he said was kinda slang.. (I couldn't find the right slang in English for that word) People were not laughing at him being a manual worker, but because of his word choice. I hope there's no misunderstanding here :)

Here's one way you can support Sung-bong!! :)


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