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I have something to confess.

I have never shared this openly before.

I have been keeping it a secret for over 2 years…

Maybe I was feeling embarrassed to do so.

But this works so damn well, that I just have to share it with you…

A few years ago, I wasn’t very productive.

One of the reasons was that I was working alone from home, with none to answer to.

When you have another human being you “report to” (like a boss), you instinctively want to do what you know you are supposed to do, because you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of them…

So, I decided to find an accountability partner.

But, how do you find an accountability partner?

In my case, I paid for one.

Her name is Kirti, and she is a lovely lady from India (you may have come across her, if you have ever requested a product of mine from my “bonus request” or “OTO” support desks).

Anyway, I have set up a private forum, and Kirti and I post in it almost daily.

At the end of each day, I report to her if I was productive or not. I also give a list of the things I need to do the next day.

She responds with something like “good job.”

Early on, I had instructed her to “scold” me if I wasn’t being very productive.

I’m glad to say, that I very rarely report that I wasn’t productive anymore.

I was also mentioning things I had to stay away from (video games, mindless surfing etc).

This little “weird trick” has boosted my productivity by over 200%!

It’s one of the few things that has given me such an insane ROI.

I was doing more of the things I had to do, and was doing less of the things I needed to avoid.

Eventually, my brain was “re-wired” and now I have the “productivity habit.”

If you can find an accountability partner, I highly recommend you do so!

You can find someone on for example

One last tip: Don’t be afraid to do something unusual, if you know it will work for you.

It’s better to do something unusual that works, rather than do what everybody else is doing that isn’t working for you.

Hope this helps!


My "weird confession" (it boosted my productivity by over 200%)


My “weird confession” (it boosted my productivity by over 200%) — 14 Comments

  1. Awesome tip, George! Having an accountability partner is definitely one of the better way to ensure one has good productivity.

    There are also several software/tools like “focus booster” which can assist u in maintaining your focus as well.


  2. George, this is a great idea, and I plan to implement it on 2 levels — for myself and for clients that purchase one of my personalized service packages.

    I just launched a new site and plan to have a community forum. these two were suggested for that purpose. Press or bbPress

    Where and how would I go about setting up a private forum?

    PS. Several of your plugins are working magnificently on the new site. :)


  3. Hi Kriss!

    I just set up a phpBB forum. It’s included in Fantastico Delux within cpanel for free. Then, I just password-protected the forum.


  4. George, this is just what I was looking for but didn’t know it. Not sure that makes sense. The mindless surfing got me, I know I waste too much time on it. I am going to give your advise a try, I truly think this is what I’ve been looking for to boost my productivity.

    As usual, thanks for the great advice,
    Steve G

  5. Ive been marketing for awhile now and i still struggle with things that i should be doing…..I always find myself doing things that i shouldnt be doing..Your right about rewiring your brain………….You have to program yourself for success………..Im haveing trouble getting beyound my current comfort zone………

    Im Working On It…………………………………………………………………………….

  6. Hi George,

    You are spot on! Anybody who has been in the work force for more than 10 minutes understands accountability. What a lot of people get sucked into when they start working online is the “fire your boss!”…you can work whenever you want…you can work from the beach…BS mentality. It all sounds great but it just doesn’t work that way.

    What you also need to add to the equation, what will really hold someone’s feet to the fire, in my opinion, is discipline.

    Discipline + accountability = productivity.

    Clearly you have the discipline to “go to work” every day, or follow whatever schedule you set up for yourself. But you also had the sense to create a “I don’t want to dissappoint (fill in the blank) so I’d better get this done” environment.

    When we all were students, we had to go to school and we had to turn in our homework. Later, as adults, we had to go to work and we had to get the job done. Working from home is, or shouldn’t be, any different.

    Your approach is so much more effective than the gazillion time management courses, seminars, fancy software doohickies, out there. Being accountable to a real person is by far the best course of action. Quite frankly, I had no idea you could hire someone to do this…it just never occurred to me.

    So thank you for telling us about the accountability partner…better late than never!

    I’ll just close on a personal note, if I may…Christos Anesti!

    Take care,


  7. Great to know one of your secrets. I’ve been following you for few years and never miss to read your emails.



  8. Hey George!

    Sorry I missed your last few releases, but occupied with family and readying to build a new home.

    This is a great idea! Having someone that keeps you in-line and organized is a must for me. I have never thought of using your method though. Going to give that some thought. Currently my slave driving wife who is a teacher is who I report to and she ruff, lol.

    Thanks for sharing great tips like this George,


  9. Hi George,

    I just bought your WP Stealth Note recently and I know I have to keep up with your useful blog.
    One cannot run away from these mindless games and surfing.
    I am using the “progress chart” but I think your accountability partner works better.

    Appreciate your good advice!


  10. George, what a great idea. 2 years ago, I became my own boss and recently fired myself and stopped wasting time. My new boss is my wife and she makes sure that my daily work schedule remains on track on a daily basis.
    These days I work mores smartly not harder and get more done than before and I can relate to too many emails and wasting time checking out offers in case I missed something, I did in fact miss out on a lot of time that could have made me more productive. Being your own boss is great until you lose perspective on your aims and goals so having some one to be accoutnable to keeps you on your toes and more focused.

  11. Hi George!

    Fantastic you’ve shared this important point with us. Besides increasing productivity, your spontaneous approach to it is quite impressive.
    All the best to you!