I just finished watching a video where Eben Pagan
(aka David DeAngelo of DoubleYourDating.com)
talks about how to change the world.



– the best way to change the world is to change yourself

– cultivate your talents and turn them into strengths

– all humans (and other living beings) are very similar.
Feel the connection to the whole

– mastery of a skill takes around 10,000 hours
but it’s worth it

I have no idea where this footage is from,
or if it will stay on Youtube for long.

The entire talk is about an hour long and it’s
broken up in 5 videos. Here’s the first one again:


Talk soon,


PS. This is one of the “deepest” and “heaviest” talks
I have seen Eben give. But there are some great
A-HAs in it…

Eben Pagan - How to change the world Part 1

Eben Pagan on how to create a better world.


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