One of my favorite super heroes has always
been “the Flash.”

I loved the 1990 TV series with the super fast
guy who could outrun F1 racing cars or escape
bullets (intro below):

And let’s not forget Flash as a member of
the Justice League (yeah, comic book freak here).

As it turns out, Google likes this superhero
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The Flash - Intro

When police scientist Barry Allen is struck by lightning and doused with chemicals he discovers that he has become the fastest man alive able to move at nearly the speed of sound.
One of the more exciting and atmospheric TV adaptations of a popular comic book series, The Flash benefited from terrific special effects, but lasted only a single year on its network in 1990. The series stuck to the Scarlet Speedster's origins: police scientist Barry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) is struck by lightning during an experiment, and chemicals splashed on him during the accident give him the ability to move at incredible speeds (note: hardcore comic fans know that this is the origin for the '60s version of the Flash, not his WWII-era identity). The series partnered him with an attractive fellow scientist (Amanda Pays) who assists Barry in his crime-fighting pursuits. Where the show deviated from its source material was its choice of combatants for the Flash--episodes focused on decidedly human villains, like corrupt officials ("Watching the Detectives") and mobsters (Michael Nader played ex-cop turned hood Nicholas Pike in two episodes, including the pilot), and didn't pull in the comic's excellent "rogues' gallery" until the end of the season, when the Trickster (Mark Hamill, who appears in two episodes), Captain Cold (Michael Champion), Mirror Master (David Cassidy!), and a sort-of Reverse-Flash (in the episode "Twin Streaks") made appearances. Sadly, these appearances were too little, too late for the series, which struggled with a high per-episode price tag and a fluctuating time slot (as well as frequent breaking coverage of the Gulf War). But for the Flash faithful, the six-disc set compiles its entire 21-episode run, including the 90-minute pilot. Unfortunately, no extras are included.


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