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(Click on the video above to watch it)

As promised, I’m going to answer as many of the questions as I can from the previous thread.

I didn’t know the answers to all the questions, so I’m not going to pretend that I do.

Also, many of the questions were variations of the same theme, so I have consolidated those.

Let’s start:

How do you handle information overload?

I had written a free special report on the exact same subject. Download it from here: How to overcome online information overload.

How to decide if a product has good information to follow.

Does the author instruct you how to create value for others? If yes, the information product is likely solid. If they teach you how to use “evil tricks” to earn a living, then it’s probably not worth your while.

Try to learn from the most established marketers and not just from every Tom, Dick and Harry who just felt like publishing an ebook.

In any case, reading is great, I highly recommend it, but you will also need to try things out and see what works for you.

What do you plan for 2014?

Nothing specifically. I’ll just keep working on my character and my mindset, so I will be able to do all those things that will allow me to create more value for my customers. That’s it basically.

How do you come up with “winning” ideas for WordPress plugins?

Sometimes I create the plugin that I would like to use myself, but I can’t find anywhere. It really helps because I use WordPress so I’m the target market myself.

Some plugin developers have great ideas, but they implement them poorly. I often see a new plugin that tries to do something valuable, but it has a lot of room of improvement. That’s when I try to implement that idea in the right way, by making a plugin that is simpler and more user-friendly.

Where do you outsource your work?

The best outsourcing site right now, in my opinion, is Freelancer.com. They recently acquired Scriptlance.com and vWorker.com (formerly known as Rentacoder.com). Another site I like is oDesk.com.

I also use Fiverr.com to create ecovers, or to have my content proof-read.

Once you find a good person to work with, keep sending them more and more business. No need to search for new people every time you want something done.

Is WordPress plugin development expensive?

Depends on the plugin. A plugin can cost $200 or less, or $5,000 and more. It depends on what you want to create.

How to sell without having copywriting skills.

That’s a tough one. You do need to understand human psychology. But there are ways to sell without “hard selling.”

In my salesletters for my WordPress plugins, I use sections that boost conversion rates, but without me sounding like a salesman.

For example: A clear headline that explains briefly what the plugin does and how it will benefit someone. A screenshot of the plugin’s admin page. A demo video. A live link to a demo blog. The story behind the plugin and how I came to create it. A strong guarantee. Testimonials from happy customers. All these help, without me having to be a genius in ad copy.

The short answer to your question is “promote or create a product that sells itself.” As soon as your prospects see the product, they should want to buy it right away. After that, it’s just a matter of explaining what the product is about, in a clear way – and not really “selling.”

How to get niche ideas.

The easiest way is to browse existing categories from big sites that have already filtered through the data. For example, you can go to the Clickbank marketplace and you’ll get more niche ideas than you know what to do with:


You will need to login to your Clickbank account to get access to their marketplace.

You can also go to the Amazon Bestsellers page:


…and take a look at the categories on the left.

Here’s a pdf with a list of niches you can check out (right click and select save as).

How to find low-competition, profitable keywords:

There are thousands of tutorials online on how to use the Google keyword tool, but I’ll give you another tip…

The best way to find low competition keywords is to know the market better than your competitors. You need to be able to predict what keywords you need to target, before anyone else has the slightest clue these keywords even exist.

Some of the best keywords you can target are product names, especially the ones coming out that have an affiliate program. People searching for “Product name” or “product name review” are buyers.

Get on the email lists of the top merchants in your market. That way you will know the moment they launch a new product, or even well before they do, because many merchants announce what they are working on weeks before they launch it.

Can you get traffic to autoblogging websites with duplicate content?

Well, you can get traffic to everything, but let me put it this way…

It depends on how much traffic you feel is enough.

It depends on the keyword you are targeting.

It depends on the content. For example, one page may have a poorly-researched, poorly-written article and another page may have a very valuable Youtube video embedded. Both pieces of content may have been published elsewhere, but people are going to hate the first page and like the second one.

In any case, you can use such blogs just to start in a market you know very little about, as a way to get a better sense about it, and see some of the terms that bring traffic.

But if you really want to create a site that is as successful as possible, I would go with unique, high-quality content. You can create it yourself, or hire a market expert to do so. And yes, it takes more time, but you will get much more traffic that way.

Can I add Adsense on autoblogs?

Google does not recommend this, so there’s your answer…

How can you stand out and make money with ready-made Amazon or Clickbank websites?

First of all, most people who buy these websites won’t compete with you, because they won’t even bother uploading the site to their server. Two things you can do differently are:

a) Personalize your site. For example, show your picture in the sidebar, with a link to your “About me” page below it. That way your visitors will feel more connected to you.

b) Promote your website. Most people will buy the site and they will do zero promotion. I’ll tell you more about how to promote a site a little later.

Do you build authority sites or niche sites?

I like starting with a small site, but if I start getting good results, I will build it up more. Personally I prefer building sites on a few subjects I’m passionate about. That way, it doesn’t really feel like “work.”

Also, I tend to get confused easily, that’s why I don’t like having to manage 100 small niche blogs. Not to say that having many small niche sites is bad, if it works for you.

How to install a ready-made static website.

Typically, you don’t install static websites. You open the pages with a program like Dreamweaver, you edit them, save them and then you just upload them to your website.

You can use a free FTP program like Filezilla, or login to your hosting account’s cPanel, find the “File Manager” function and upload the pages from there.

Does it matter how many domains I host on a server from an SEO standpoint?

Shouldn’t make a difference. Focus on creating valuable websites and don’t worry about it.

What are the pros and cons of exact-match domains vs subdomains for SEO rankings?

Exact-match domains are great if you have a single keyword that you want to optimize a website for. One disadvantage is that you need to “start from scratch” every time.

If you have an established authority site with “age” you should be able to post that same content on that website, optimize that post or page and get good rankings very fast as well.

Which free WordPress themes do you recommend?

The default ones like Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven or Twenty Twelve work a treat. Very often they perform much better than even paid themes, because many paid themes have bugs in them.

I know because I develop WordPress plugins and sometimes a customer may open a support ticket and say that the plugin doesn’t work on their blog. And 9 times out of 10, it’s a bug with their blog’s active theme (or another plugin on their blog). Once they change to one of the WordPress-approved themes, the plugin works great. These themes also look very clean.

Another theme I like is the Weaver Theme. It’s what I’m using on this blog right now. I like it because it’s clean and you can customize it in many ways.

Which plugins you use and recommend?

Obviously, I develop WordPress plugins, so I do it because I feel that people will benefit from them. Outside of my own WordPress plugins, two other plugins I like are the Dagon Design Sitemap Generator and the Sociable plugin. It depends on what you want to do with your blog. Just don’t add too many plugins, or your site can start loading really slowly.

How to get a good email list.

Create something that your visitors would find valuable enough to give you their email address in exchange. No need to make it long. Short, sweet and to the point works great. It can be a special report, a video, a piece of software, a template etc…

Put email forms on your website. You can put them in the sidebar of your blog, or you can use a lightbox popup that loads as soon as a visitor enters your blog.

Treat those people with respect. You can send them promotions for products, but you also need to send them valuable content, without asking for any money. You need to prove to them that you are on their side, and you should be.

I find that the best results come from balance. If you hard-sell all the time, your people will buy initially, but they will get burned out eventually. If you only give free info, people will read your emails, but they will then be conditioned to buy nothing from you. You need a mix of both.

How to promote a website:

Promote your site on places that can send you real visitors, real people, and not just “link juice.”


1) Use Youtube: Make a video out of your content, upload it to youtube, optimize the video title, description and tags for your keyword, in the description of the video place a link back to your blog post and also embed the video itself in your post.

By the way, one of the questions was how to make a Youtube video visible within a member’s area, but not on Youtube. There’s an option to mark a video as “Unlisted” under “Privacy Settings” on the right of the screen, when you upload or edit a video on Youtube.

2) Comment on blogs: sign up for the RSS feeds of the top blogs in your industry. As soon as they blog about something, visit the blog post, read it, and post a thoughtful comment. You can include a link to your site. Your comment has a much higher probability of getting accepted if you use your first and last name, rather than if you used “anchor text” like “how to lose weight fast.”

3) Quest posting: Find blogs in your niche and ask them if they would like you to create some valuable content for them. In the “About the author” section, you can include a link to your website.

To find blogs to write guest posts on:

Install SEOquake.

Set Google to show 100 results per page.

Search on Google for things like:

“keyword phrase” inurl:”guest blog”
“keyword phrase” inurl:”guest post”
“keyword phrase” “submit guest post”
“keyword phrase” “submit a guest post”
“keyword phrase” “become a contributor”

Sort results by PR (Page Rank).

4) Build relationships with other bloggers and site owners and mention each other in your posts. That way you can “share your visitors” and make the pie bigger for all of you. Don’t think of them as your competitors. View them as your potential business partners.

5) Post in forums that allow links in the signature file. Place a link to your site in your signature. Be active in the community. Answer other members’ questions, or start new thought-provoking threads.

6) Create special reports (free or paid) and distribute them (give them away for free, or make them available with resale rights). In each report, mention the other reports. Include in the content a link back to your main site. Keep posting your special reports on that website, which will become your “headquarters.”

7) If you have a product, create an affiliate program for it and ask others to promote it in exchange for a commission. Don’t be a Scrooge with this. Give most of the money to the affiliate. At least 60-70%, or even more. That way, you can have others doing SEO or emailing their lists about your products. Joint venture traffic is in my opinion the best paid traffic source if you own a product.

A final thought:

If your site doesn’t provide value, then getting traffic to it won’t be easy. Find a way to create real value, without getting burned out. Offer the value that is relatively easy for you to create. If you create something valuable, traffic is the easy part. Others will happily link to your site, mention it to their contacts, or promote it.

Anyway, I hope you found these answers helpful. I enjoyed writing this post. I may do this again in the near future…

Thanks again for being a customer, I really, REALLY appreciate it! Talk to you soon!


Customer appreciation Q&A - part 2 (your questions answered)

http://georgekatsoudas.com/customer-appreciation-qa-part-2-your-questions-answered Here I answer questions from my customers. Visit the blog post, because I include links to some special reports and websites I mention.


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  2. Hi George,
    thank you for your posting. I read with interest your ‘How-to-overcome-online-information-overload’ pdf as info overload is indeed one of my problems.
    Also many useful tips and links. There are just a few marketers I read with pleasure and your are one of them.
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    Many people “talk about” but coming from a person that “takes action” and releases very good plugins recommend people take notes:)

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    I have an idea for a WordPress plugin and would like to develop it with you. I think it may be a good fit for you as well based on the other plugins I’ve purchased from you. If interested, please email me.

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    Although I am fairly experienced and am aware of most of the info here – but I didn’t know about the weaver theme, thanks – I appreciate it that you take the time to help out others by offering them solid basics for an internet business model.
    George’s Amazon plugins work great, so if any of you are using them, one of the most important things that you can do is add original content to the posts. Otherwise, why would Google rank your info higher than anyone else’s.
    All the best George

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    I think that a lot of people lose sight of the new order from the big G as well as Squidoo etc about the true value of unique fresh content to their sites. Without this, you are doomed!

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    Robin Carlisle :)