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How can I cancel a subscription or membership?


You can do this through your Paypal account.

Login to your Paypal account and go to:

Select "Active" from the drop-down menu, find the subscription, click on it, and then cancel it.

If you can't find the subscription there, try going to:

You will see a list of the active recurring payments.

The one you are looking for will likely look something like this:

JVZoo [key: PA-123456ABCEDF]

You can click on that listing to see its details. Unfortunately, Paypal doesn't show the name of the subscription (not sure why). But you should be able to see the monthly charge and see if it matches what you are paying.

Click on the listing you want to cancel.

On the next page, click "Cancel". You should see a message saying "Your preapproval was successfully cancelled."



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