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"No products found for the search criteria" error [Associate Goliath]


This can be caused by reasons such as:

- A bug in amazon API (not 100% the same as

- temporary issue due to maintenance at

- too many search criteria (many keywords for example)
confuse the Amazon search engine.

The "remedy" (for now) is to use as few search criteria as possible.

For example:

- don't use keywords at all, and just use a category and subcategory

- start with 1 very "tight" keyword but without selecting a category or subcategory

If you want to use all your keywords, you can run the plugin more than once (maybe with a reduced scheduling frequency selected so you don't end up with 20 posts in one day).

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Category: Associate Goliath Wordpress Plugin
Date added: 2012-02-21 06:26:59

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