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A few years ago, I had started hearing the term “blogging.”

The concept sounded really cool. I mean, who wouldn’t like to stay at home, work only a few hours a day and earn a full-time income, while writing about topics they are passionate about?

So I started a couple of blogs in niches I was interested in.

My pathetic blogging results:

I spent over 6 months, $2,000+ dollars and a lot of my energy.

I’m embarrassed to say that, during that time, I only earned maybe $70-$80 (from Adsense).

That was over 7 years ago.

Since then, I have gone through a lot of “blogging” material. Free blog posts, forum threads, ebooks, videos, membership sites, you name it.

What I found is that most “blogging experts” have it all wrong.

If you follow what they say, you will likely spin your wheels until you get burned out.

The traditional blogging method takes way too much work and the rewards take a long time to come.

is there an “alternative” blogging method that works?

In the last couple of years I have gotten some great results, by following a process very similar to what is explained in a course called Bloggers Creed.

The link above will take you to a page with a 45-minute video on it that explains what the entire process looks like.

Basically, you initially set up “Harvest Blogs” that bring cash flow almost instantly, and then you pass the “fans” that have been created on to your main “Platform Blog.”

If you like what you see in the video, you can click the yellow add-to-cart button and gain access to¬† “Blogger’s Creed Apprentice Course.” It will show you how some Pro Bloggers generate 1000ds of $ every month online. The course is a one-time fee of $97 (no upsells either).

Behind the scenes of Bloggers Creed:

Bloggers Creed

Click image to enlarge

Click the image on the left, and then click on the new image again with your “magnifying glass cursor”, to see a screenshot of the Bloggers Creed members’ area.

In it, you will find a series of first-person videos, powerpoint presentations and PDF files that explain the entire process in detail.

The main difference from the conventional “Pro Blogging” process is that the Bloggers Creed method generates cash much, MUCH faster, and with less work…

Everything is covered. How to find great topics to create content around, how to set up your blogs, how to monetize them, how to get traffic, how to build a loyal fan base, how to outsource – the whole 9 yards…

Bloggers Creed Bonus (8 people only)

If you are one of the first 8 people who buy the course from the link above, then I will send you a video I just finished putting together. It’s called:

“23 simple secrets to become a popular blogger in 4 weeks…”


If you follow what I share with you in this video, I guarantee that you will surpass 99% of your competitors. There are some very simple things that almost nobody does! This is a bonus that you can get exclusively from me. It’s not available anywhere else online.

Only 8 bonuses will be made available. Current status: Available.

How to claim your bonus:

STEP 1: Go to Bloggers Creed and purchase the course.

STEP 2: Email me your Paypal transaction ID to
george.katsoudas.bonus [at]
(replace the [at] above with the @ sign).

I will send you your bonus ASAP. :-)


Bloggers Creed Review and Bonus Watch my video review of the Bloggers Creed course and get an exclusive bonus.


Why most “blogging experts” are wrong – and how to earn a full-time living, working as a blogger from home, in 30 days — 5 Comments

  1. Hi George,

    your Video tells me it’s private so I’m not able to watch the review. Maybe you ‘d like to fix this.


  2. It all comes down to who you trust……I spent a small fortune to get to where i am right now……(.and believe me that is not saying much.)……there,s still much to learn, its all trial n error……..Unfortunatily you will lose money before you see a return on your investment. But guys like george who sell a QUALITY product take some of the sting out of the process………..George is one of the few people i Trust.

  3. Monetizing blogs and traffic are the vital
    elements to be focused on and George
    is the Genuine person whom i like much
    cause he says what he does and not
    some fluff and what works Works!
    Thanks for providing Real good content.

  4. This sounds like an interesting course, I’m going to check this out and see what it’s like.