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(Click on the video above to watch it)

Today it’s October the 30th, and you will likely receive many emails about a WordPress plugin called Azon Rocket.

So, since you will likely check it out anyway, I wanted to explain what the deal is exactly…

Azon Rocket review bonusThe plugin:

Azon Rocket is pretty similar to my Associate Goliath WordPress plugin. You basically enter some keywords, select a price range, click a button, and then posts start getting created.

What I like about Azon Rocket is that you can modify the post template, so your posts don’t look like everyone else’s. You can also choose to create the posts as drafts, before they get published.

You can click the following link to download the Azon Rocket user guide.

There are two licenses of the plugin. A single-site and a multi-site license.

The Upsell:

After you order, you will see an upsell that includes the following:

  • Azon Rocket plugin Developers License
  • Azon Profits On Steroids. 18-Videos Training Course
  • Azon Rocket WordPress Theme with Developer Rights

The upsell is $47.

Azon Rocket Bonus:

If you are thinking of buying Azon Rocket, use the link on this page. Why? Because I will also send you one of my own WordPress plugins for free (ANY one you want. Whichever you choose).

Only 14 bonuses will be given. Current status: Available.

Here’s what to do now:

STEP 1: Go to Azon Rocket and purchase the package.

STEP 2: Please fill in this form.

a) For the field “Which product did you just buy?”, just type “Azon Rocket.”

b) For the field “Which product would you like as your bonus?”, just include the name of the WordPress plugin you want.

You should receive your bonus in less than 48 hours. :-)



Azon Rocket 2.0 Review and Bonus My video review and bonus for the Amazon WordPress plugin Azon Rocket 2.0 by Bertus Engelbrecht and OJ James


Create Amazon affiliate sites in 5 mins. Azon Rocket 2.0 Review and Bonus — 15 Comments

    • Hi, Deleep!

      You do need to have your own hosting account, and WordPress installed on one of the domains. Fortunately, cPanel (that most hosts have) can install WordPress for you with a few clicks! :-)


      • Thank you. You are the type of marketer I want to work with.

        I’ve “misunderstood” bonus offers before (apparently not yours) and find out after my purchase it’s a single site license and either relatively useless or I now have to spend a lot more money. Consequently, I’ve learned to look at bonus offers with a very skeptical eye. As a matter of fact, anything that smells of bait and switch tactics are a sure shortcut to an unsubscribe.

  1. How much backlinking do you need to do for these Amazon sites to make any money. Are the user reviews of the product shown on the posts that are generated or just a link to the ones directly on the Amazon page listing?

    I the video demo of the product, it looks like the customer reviews are on the posts page, but I found a site that uses this plugin and you go to the Amazon sites reviews which is bad.

    • Hi, Glenn!

      You would do backlinking like for any other site really…

      The reviews are shown on the page itself within a frame. There’s a link back to the reviews on Amazon, which is taged with your affiliate id. If the customer buys, you get credit.



  2. Hi George,

    I came across your plugins through an ebook, and I’m glad I did. I love your 1click SEO, and I’ve received your developers licences for a couple fo your other ones. I think they are top quality, and have made setting up my sites a breeze.

    I haven’t set up any azon sites yet, since I am updating my other sites with your plugins. They work great and you keep your word about the bonuses.



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