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Have you ever put up a software-generated affiliate website only to end up on page 127 of Google and get zero traffic or profits?

If yes, you are not alone. Thousands of Amazon affiliates are on the exact same boat.

Also, Amazon has been suspending associate accounts left and right, especially when they feel that a site doesn’t comply 100% with their rules.

That’s why I got excited when my friend Ryan Stevenson skyped me and told me that he just released a brand-new training course that would solve all of these problems.

The course is called Azon 30-Day Challenge. (Use the coupon greekgeek10)

About Ryan and The Azon 30-Day Challenge Course:

Ryan has been marketing online for 18+ years. I often exchange messages with him and he isn’t someone who pretends to be a guru. He is a really cool dude, and he genuinely likes helping people.

He has been coaching Amazon affiliates for the last 5 years. He has been diligently working with them, and listening to them all this time. This latest training by him is based on the feedback he has received.

I have mentioned Ryan’s training in the past, because I know it’s extremely high quality.

Here’s some OLDER stuff by Ryan:

Here’s an Amazon affiliate site that Ryan had created using his OLDER system.

And here’s some training that Ryan had released OVER TWO YEARS AGO:

The NEW course:

The NEW course is even better than his past training. He has simplified the process, and improved his presentation skills (including audio quality).

Here’s a preview of the current training area:

Azon 30-Day Challenge classesI won’t hard sell you on this course. You can read the official Azon 30-Day Challenge site and see what you are getting. Use the coupon greekgeek10

All I’m going to say is that, because I believe so much in this course, I decided to tell you about it, and also throw in a bonus package:

$325 Azon 30-Day Challenge Bonus:

Associate Goliath Video Coaching ($97 Value):

Azon 30-day Challenge bonus Associate Goliath

A 4-part video training series where Ryan Stevenson shows you how to use my Associate Goliath WordPress plugin using his methodology.

This plugin is extremely easy to use on the outside but very powerful on the inside. It will generate complete product review pages on WordPress sites, and it is something you can add to both new and existing sites.

One of Ryan’s favorite features with my plugin is that it can load up a nice selection of Amazon product review videos for you to help sell each product, but you don’t have to do any work to create those videos (they come from YouTube).

This video series shows you exactly how to get this plugin setup and running, and it teaches you Ryan’s personal recommendations and tactics for using it and customizing product review pages.

ExtendAzon WP Plugin Developer’s License ($47 Value):


This is one of Ryan’s best-selling Amazon plugins because it adds an on-site shopping cart for Amazon affiliates that “extends” the cookie lifespan from 24 hours to a full 90 days!

A longer cookie lifespan means you have much more time to get credit for referred sales (not everyone buys right away), plus the on-site cart simply looks professional.

The best part is that this automatically integrates with Associate Goliath, so you get to use this feature with the product pages AG creates.

UpsellAzon WP Plugin Developer’s License ($47 Value):

Azon 30-Day Challenge bonus Upsellazon

This plugin will automatically create ads for accessory products on each product page created by a plugin like Associate Goliath. This means more opportunities for sales, especially for people that might already own the main product you target.

Besides auto-integration with Associate Goliath, this plugin also integrates with ExtendAzon (the previous plugin you are getting as a bonus), so visitors can add a product AND the accessories to their cart before proceeding to checkout.

These systems are designed to earn you the maximum commission for each person you refer to Amazon, and they’re 100% allowed in Amazon’s Affiliate Agreement (in fact, these plugins use API systems built by and provided by Amazon to affiliates).

Done-for you, Amazon research and product review videos in 5 niches: ($97 Value):


Does choosing products to promote on Amazon leave you confused and frustrated? Do you spend hours trying to find products that will pay good commission whilst trying to cut through the ones that will only pay pennies? If you do, then this will save you all that time and frustration.

You are getting 50 products in these 5 niches:

  • Baby Cribs
  • Guitars
  • Power Tools
  • Inversion Tables
  • Watches

The products have been carefully selected:

  • All products cost more than $100
  • All have more than 10 reviews
  • All reviews have an average of 4 stars

You are getting video reviews for each of the products (50 total):

Video in .mp4 format

Video in Camtasia format, so you can modify it if you want.

Here’s a video example.

You are also getting keyword research for each niche that contain:

  • Global number of searches
  • Local number of searches
  • Average CPC
  • Number of Adwords ads
  • Number of results in Google (Exact Match)
  • Average number of links the top ten sites have in Google
  • Exact Match Domain (EMD) availability for EVERY keyword

So you now know which products to target, which keywords to use AND which domain names are available – plus, ready video content that will sell these products for you!

3-Step Plan For Amazon Success ($37 Value):

Azon 30 Day Challenge Bonus 2

A simple process to make money as an amazon associate. In this, I cover:

  • How to do keyword research
  • How to create content, and
  • How to get traffic to your Amazon site


How to claim your bonuses:

When you purchase, make sure you see my JV Zoo id 6969 on the order page:

get your bonus

1) Go to your JVZoo purchase dashboard.

2) Find your purchase and click the green “view details” button.


3) Scroll to the bottom of the receipt and look for a big blue button to access your bonus from me.


If for some reason you don’t see the bonus there, let me know and I’ll send it to you manually.

OTOs, Upsells and Downsells:

OTO 1 – Earnings & Traffic Blast: Extra training, including how to outsource, how to get traffic from Google Images, how to get higher Amazon commissions, and how to make your site load faster. You can also get backlinks to your site from Ryan’s directory of Amazon affiliate niche websites running since 2011. Use the coupon greekgeek10

Important Note: I’m giving you the direct link to OTO 1, so you can see upfront what it includes. But do keep in mind that you need to purchase the main offer first, otherwise your membership account will not be created and you won’t be able to access the members’ area. However, the offers below (OTO 2 and OTO 3) are separate from the main offer and you CAN buy them directly.

OTO 2 – Team Azon Pro Lifetime Membership: Monthly coaching, access to even more training and plugins. Every time Ryan releases a new plugin, you will get a developer’s license to it. Ryan will also review one of your Amazon affiliate sites – including feedback on the niche, keywords, products and the site itself ($297). You will get my bonuses, even if you buy this offer directly. Use the coupon greekgeek10

OTO 3 РTeam Azon Pro Monthly: Same as above, but you get access for a monthly fee ($27/month). You will get my bonuses, even if you buy this offer directly. Use the coupon greekgeek10

Get your early-bird discount, and $325 in bonuses. Use the coupon greekgeek10

Next price increase in:

If you have any questions or comments, post them below and I’ll answer as best as I can! :-)



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  1. Frequently-Asked Questions:

    Is the training easy?

    Yes, Ryan has really simplified his approach with this.

    Is there a guarantee?

    Yes, you can try the program for 60 full days and decide if it’s for you.

    Can I use the coupon greekgeek?

    That won’t work. Use greekgeek10 instead. :-)

  2. I bought Ryan Stevenson 30 day azon through your affiliate link but I can’t find the bonuses! help. You were right this program is very good.

  3. Hi George,

    Just want to know; are you giving just the coaching videos only as one of your bonuses (Associate Goliath Video Coaching $97 Value) OR you will also give the “Associate Goliath WP Plugin” along with the video coaching.

    Please clear the confusion, because it’s not clear on your bonus page explanation.


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