(Click on the video below to watch it)

(Click on the video above to watch it)

Very often, I see on Facebook that one of my friends has “liked” an article or a video…

So, I often click on that and visit the website it’s on. That website will have the title of the content, and then they will ask me to click the “like” button in order to watch the video or read the content…

And, I have to be honest with you, personally I don’t click the like button, because I don’t like expressing my opinion on something (positive or negative), unless I have seen and experienced that thing…

So, for the longest time I thought “if this isn’t working with me, then it won’t work with anyone else.”

And I was wrong.

People absolutely DO CLICK on these buttons and they like or share the content with their friends, even if they haven’t yet seen the entire content.

And smart, mature people do this too.

For example, I have a friend who is a Pharmacist, and she does that.

Or, I have seen my self-defense teacher do this. Btw, some time ago he had given me a black eye and something that felt like a concussion, but it’s all cool now ;-)

Bottom line: This method works.

You can lock parts of your content and then let your visitors share it with their friends on Facebook or Twitter and take it viral.

I’m creating this post to let you know that for the next 7 days, you can get a special deal on something called AutoPilot Traffic Suite 2.0 by Precious Ngwu.

Autopilot Traffic Suite 2.0

This is basically a set of two plugins.

One of them, the “Paged Curator” fetches videos from Youtube and Vimeo.

The other plugin, called “Social Lockdown” allows you to lock your text, images or videos.

Paged Curator demo page

(The video was fetched by the plugin. For the text, you can add anything you want)

Social Lockdown demo page

I got permission from the plugin creator to share with you the user guides for both of these plugins. You can download them below:

Paged Curator pdf user guide (right click and select “save as”)

Social Lockdown pdf user guide (right click and select “save as”)

After you purchase AutoPilot Traffic Suite 2.0. you get to see two OTOs (one-time offers). I will let you preview these as well

AutoPilot Traffic Suite OTO1 preview (New window. Click the link and then click your “magnifying glass cursor” to see the image in full size).

AutoPilot Traffic Suite OTO2 preview (New window. Click the link and then click your “magnifying glass cursor” to see the image in full size).

Bonus time:

If you buy AutoPilot Traffic Suite from the link in this post, I’m going to send you one of my WordPress plugins for free.

STEP 1: Go to the following link  and purchase AutoPilot Traffic Suite.

STEP 2: Please open a support ticket here.

For the fields “Which product did you buy?” just type “Autopilot Traffic Suite.”

You should receive your bonus in less than 48 hours :-)

Thanks and talk soon!


Autopilot Traffic Suite Review and Bonus

http://www.georgekatsoudas.com/autopilot-traffic-suite-review-bonus This is my video review and bonus for Precious Ngwu's Autopilot Traffic Suite 2.0


2 powerful SEO & viral traffic WP plugins, at 70% off (7 Days Only). Autopilot Traffic Suite by Precious Ngwu – review and bonus — 6 Comments

  1. Hi George,

    Who stands behind this?
    Who am I buying from?

    The creator(s) never say who they are that I see
    It makes a difference to me.


    • Hey Dave!

      The creator is Precious Ngwu – he has created a number of successful products.

      The salesletter was originally on the FSO forum, but now it’s stand-alone. Precious’ username was apparent as he started the thread. Weird. Maybe the forum was down.

      And you are right – I want to know who I’m buying form as well :-)


    • Hey Henry!

      Sure they can do that. But many people prefer to click a like button than go to Youtube and search for the video there.

      And once they click the like button, this video can be seen by this person’s Facebook friends, or Twitter followers :-)


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