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Hi! My name is George Katsoudas. I was born and currently live in beautiful Greece. In 2003, I was searching for a way to work from home so I could set my own schedule. Initially, I made quite.

How to get more traffic from YouTube (app does it for you)

YouTube is a traffic JUGGERNAUT!
(as if you didn’t know already).

A video can get 1000ds of views within
a couple of days.

If you want to become a PRO at getting
traffic from YouTube (either to rank your
own videos, or those of your clients),
then you will love this:

tube avenger review

This is a desktop app that does things like:

1) It gives you great keyword ideas to target

2) It gives you ideas on how to name your videos

3) Tracks the ranking of any YouTube video
(personal, client or your competitors) in
search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

4) Provides charts and history of your video rankings

5) Finds related videos you can post a comment
under and get more traffic to your videos or sites

… and much more!

There are several apps online that do only
ONE of those things, and they can cost
anywhere from $97 to $197+. This one does
it all, and it’s much more affordable to boot!

You can watch a video demo of the app here:

Talk soon!


PS. I got permission from the creator of the app
to send you the pdf user guide, so you will know
exactly what you are getting. You can download
it from here:


[WP Plugin] makes you money from other people’s videos (48-hour discount)

I will keep this email short.

People LOVE watching videos. Why not profit from it?

I just came across a new WordPress plugin
that does several cool things:

- It adds optin forms INSIDE the videos.

- It adds any HTML you want inside the video.

- It adds call-to-action buttons that point
anywhere you want (like affiliate links)

- It allows you to “lock” the video, and request
your visitors to unlock it by sharing it (many videos
go viral that way).

- And too many more things to mention here!

Brief screenshots:

lead-generation-optin-displaysocial-lock-videos call-to-action

It works with videos from both YouTube and Vimeo,
as well as self-hosted .mp4 videos.

Check it out here:

(Price goes up in 48 hours, so you may wanna be quick).

Talk soon,


PS. Personally, I think the salespage doesn’t do
the plugin justice. I find the whole presentation is
a little confusing. However, the plugin itself is great!

New attention-grabbing WP plugin (bonus for first 16)

Your blog visitors have seen it all before…

The Adsense, the banners, the optin forms etc.

But here’s the thing:

People LOVE Skype…

Most of us (probably you too) use Skype
to stay in touch with our family friends and
business partners.

When we get a Skype call, we all drop
everything to immediately answer that call.

A WordPress plugin just became available.

It creates ads that completely mimic a real
Skype call – down to look, feel and even sound:

It’s irresistible for people – they want to click
on the call – and when they do you can send
them to ANY website you want.

Or you can have them call you on Skype,
if you are doing personal selling.

This plugin is amazingly effective at
generating clicks, leads and sales.

And right now you can grab it at a special
launch discount (price will go up very soon).


After you get your copy,  forward your receipt
and let me know WHICH bonus you want
from here:

You can choose one – anyone you want.

Talk soon! :-)


PS. You need to be one of the first 16 people
who claim the bonus (usually, more people
than 16 buy, but almost half of them don’t
request their bonus).

$10,743.79 in 4 Months (Kindle case study)

Have you ever wanted to generate 1000ds
of sales for your books… for FREE?

Kindle keywords are one of the leading factors
for book discovery on

The bad news is that those keywords are
often underused or even misused!

For a limited time, you can gain access to
a case study that shows you how it’s really done.

The authors show you the strategy that increased
their Kindle sales by 2000%, generated $10,743.79
in royalties, and reached a paid rank of #287.

Let me know what you think, after you go through
the report. :-)


PS. Everything is explained in a “do this, do that”
manner, so you can apply it instantly.


[Case study]: $673 in affiliate commissions (launch jacking)

Take a look at this image:

launch jacking 101

These are the commissions a friend of
mine received for promoting an affiliate product.

Commissions were generated part from his small
mailing list and part from creating two YouTube
review videos that ranked high on Google.

He explains how to create similar videos, here.

This is a special report that explains:

1) The concept of launch jacking and
how you can ride traffic buzz of product

2) The PERFECT game plan to finding
and promoting the right product for
affiliate commissions.

3) The “Video Silo” method with a REAL world
case study that made this guy over $500 in
commissions and landed him in the Top 20
with high-profiled JVs.

I don’t know this thread will close, but for now,
you can get the whole scoop here:

What I liked the most is that you don’t
need to be a “guru” to do it. ANYONE can do this!

Let me know what you thought, after you
read the report.


PS. I KNOW this method works, because I often use it myself. :-)

[WordPress] Creates COOL squeeze pages FAST

This has got to be the COOLEST
squeeze-page generator WordPress
plugin I have come across:

The highlights:

1) Creates ANIMATED landing pages,
so they stand out and convert better.

2) Very clean design with custom image
backgrounds, to have a MODERN look,
and not appear to have been created in

3) The landing pages look great on ANY
screen resolution, because they are
responsive. This means they look beautiful
on mobile devices as well.

Check it out here.


PS. You have heard the cliche “the money
is in the list” a million times – because it’s true!
This plugin will create your squeeze page in
minutes, even if you don’t know how to code:

WordPress plugin for bigger Amazon commissions (bonus for first 16)

If you have an Amazon affiliate site, chances
are you are leaving money on the table

Here’s why:

Many Amazon products go out of stock,
without notice.

When interested customers visit your site,
they see you are promoting an unavailable item.

Add a few of these out-of-stock items together,
and you get a ghost town of a site. Not to
mention that it hurts your credibility.

You can check everything by hand,
but it will take up too much time!

Here’s the solution to this problem.

Azon Stock Checker review

This is a plugin called Azon Stock Checker
(version 2.0 was just released).

It checks the posts and pages on your site,
finds the Amazon items that are out of stock,
and it notifies you (if you want).

It can also add a notice on your post, that tells
visitor the item is currently out of stock. It also
shows other related items, that they can check
out (and buy through your affiliate link, of course).

Here’s a live example of the plugin in action.

Azon Stock Checker demo

All this is done automatically!

The plugin will act as your personal inventory
manager that works 24/7 for you.


If you get a copy of the plugin, you will also
get to choose a bonus. Whichever one you like.

Only the first 16 people who forward me their
receipt will get the bonus.


STEP 1: Purchase Azon Stock Checker.

STEP 2: Forward the JV Zoo email receipt to In your email, also
let me know which one of the available bonuses you want.
I will send you your bonus in less than 24 hours!

Looking forward to sending you your bonus!


PS. After your purchase, you will see 2 OTOs:

OTO 1: The developer’s version of the plugin,
which allows you to use it on clients’ sites ($27).

OTO 2: Done-for-you in the “luxury cat supplies”
niche. Includes keyword list, 25 text product reviews,
25 video reviews, and much more! ($17).

Here’s the link to check the plugin again:

8 WP plugins to revive your sites – for less than dinner

Do people come to your sites and then leave, instantly?

One of the biggest reasons is that your visitors are BORED.

Your sites need to be interactive and engaging.

There’s a new bundle of 8 plugins for your
WordPress sites that will do just that – for less
than the price of dinner:

These 8 WordPress plugins will:

+ Build opt-in pages with full screen image
and video backgrounds

+ Grab testimonials from your happy clients
and post them directly on your website

+ Set up targeted lead generation pages
quickly and easily

+ Create beautifully designed pricing pages
without coding

+ Lock up content with time limits to build leads

+ and much more…

Here’s the best part: This plugin pack just
launched for a super low price. In fact, you
can get developer’s rights so you can use
all 8 plugins on client sites…

Talk soon,


PS. After your purchase, there’s an upsell,
where you will get resale rights to these plugins,
so you can also sell them and keep 100% of
the profits. Salespages are included!

The upsell is $27, and I think this is an insanely
low price (creating a WP plugin takes 1000ds
of dollars – ask me how I know)!

How a stylish RACCOON can get you traffic and sales

Take a look at this pic:

Now THAT’S a raccoon with a sense of style!

There’s a new WordPress plugin that turns
the ugly YouTube videos on your site into
stylish money magnets.

- It adds custom thumbnail and custom overlay images to them.

- It adds delayed buy buttons or optin forms in the videos.

- It resizes the videos and adds stylish play buttons.

- And much more!

Check it out here:

The plugin is very well-put-together – it makes
me wish I had thought about creating it. :-)

Talk soon!


How to build WordPress sites like a pro (bonus inside)

Most of my customers are pretty familiar
with WordPress – after all, I sell WordPress plugins.

However, I often get questions like:

“I’m new to WordPress and find
everything confusing – where do I start?”

If you find yourself asking this question,
then you may be interested in a new
course called Azon WP Master.


It’s for beginner to intermediate marketers
how to use WordPress effectively.

It covers everything from setting up a
new domain and installing WordPresss
with a few clicks, to having a “finished”
WordPress site with the most profitable settings.

The course is mainly taught from the
perspective of building Amazon affiliate
sites, but you can use the knowledge
to create ANY kind of profitable affiliate site.

It’s broken down into 33 video modules
with 2 ebook guides.

You can download the videos to watch
offline, or you can watch them online
through private-video YouTube links.


After you buy the course, you will see
a one-time offer for extra training, which includes:

- Techie Master Class (hosting, HTML & CSS
training): 10 hours of video training and 5 ebooks.

- Weaver 2 theme training: 4 hours video.
(Weaver is a FREE, customizable theme which
I have been using for years myself – really sleek)!

- WordPress site construction walk-through:
4 hours video training & 2 ebooks.

The OTO is $47.


I talked to Ryan, the creator of the course,
over Skype. He agreed to include some EXTRA
training, if you purchase the course through
the link in this email.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

- Copy One / All Pages From One Site To Another
- Backup WordPress Database
- Backup & Restore WP Theme Settings
- Theme Customization Shortcodes
- Exit Splash Page Creation
- Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties
- Recommended Free WP Plugins

This training is NOT available if you just buy
the course “directly.” You need to get the
course from the link in this email to make sure
you get access to it.

You will get access to the bonus, instantly,
as soon as you buy the course from the link
in this post:

Azon WP Master

Here’s the link again: