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Hi! My name is George Katsoudas. I was born and currently live in beautiful Greece. In 2003, I was searching for a way to work from home so I could set my own schedule. Initially, I made quite.

Vidneos review and bonus

Watch This Demo Video To See How Easy It Is To Get Your Videos On the 1st Page of Google & YouTube:

Click here for the early-bird pricing and bonuses.

This video explains what the software is all about:

Vidneos review

  • Spies on the highest-ranking videos and “steals” the tags they are using to rank #1 on YouTube for your keyword.
  • Researches, analyses, creates and ranks videos.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Software app that works both on PCs and Macs.
  • All-in-one video marketing solution.

When you buy Vidneos through this page, you get every single of these high-quality, limited-time bonuses:

Super exclusive bonus:

48-Hour Video Traffic Formula: “How to take up multiple places on page 1 of Google, in as little as 2 days, without doing any of the work yourself…”

Additional bonuses:

Vidneos bonuses

1 secret to 300% more sales (WINNING!)

92% of the top Clickbank products use this.

The top-selling JV Zoo products use this.

Internet moguls like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss,
Russell Brunson, and Mike Filsaime use this.

Most importantly, YOU can use this too.

So, what is “this”?


Easy VSL Review

They generate millions of sales per year,
in any industry you can imagine. From
Weight Loss and Personal Development,
to Internet Marketing and Home & Garden.

  • VSLs engage.
  • VSLs connect with your audience.
  • VSLs convert!

Here’s a tip:

Take your text and turn it into a video. I bet
dollars to doughnuts that your conversions

This software can help you do that

It’s a desktop app. It’s Adobe-Air based, which
means you can use it on both a PC and a Mac.

For a limited time, you can get lifetime access
to it, and use it to create unlimited video salesletters,
for a one-off payment. You also get almost 80% off
its normal price.

I highly recommend you use this to create video
salesletters and boost your sales.


PS. If you take advantage of this special offer through
the link in this email, you will also get access to these

1) How to Generate 10,000 Views On YouTube
(video course and guide)

2) WP Video Optin (WordPress plugin). You can use it
to create powerful video background e-mail landing pages.

Dragged kicking and screaming into the new era

Sometimes, I miss on trends.

Maybe because I live in my own “George’s World.”

One of those “trends” is the use of GRAPHICS.

For years, I have resisted using graphics
“because the words on a page are what
matters most.”

Aaaaahhh… the power of the pen, right?

Since then, I have been dragged kicking
and screaming into the new era.

dragged kicking and screaming

Graphics and icons WORK.

  • They make a page look more professional.
  • They break up the monotonous text.
  • They help your visitors “get” a concept,
    without having to read.

I didn’t get the memo, until people started
telling me how old-fashioned some of my sites looked.

Maybe your sites need a makeover as well?

A pack of 1,120 new and high-quality
graphics and icons has just been released:

One of the most talented graphic designers
in the internet marketing space created them.

Chances are you have already seen graphics
of his, and bought from sites that use his graphics.

You can use these graphics on your own
sites, as well as in your client projects.

And it’s at a really affordable price. Much
less than what the street price is for so many graphics.

Talk soon,


PS. If you get this graphic pack today, you
are guaranteed to get access to a truckload
of graphic-related bonuses as well (too many
to mention here).


Heat Map Tracker review and bonus (first 15 only)

Click on the video below to watch it. Duration: 10:16:

A brief story:

7 years ago, I was heavily promoting affiliate products via Google Adwords.

Some of my campaigns were in BRUTALLY COMPETITIVE markets.

I had to do a lot of keyword research, market analysis, and of course writing ads. Not exactly my idea of “fun.”

However, there was ONE thing I was doing that was SUPER FUN, and that was CRUCIAL in helping me create profitable campaigns:


There were services that allowed you to do that, even “back then.” I was using them long before they became “hip” (I had to, or else I would get eaten alive by competitors with big budgets to spend on ads).

Anyway… I could click the “play” button, and see the “sessions” of my visitors: Where they were moving their mouse, what would draw their attention, what they would scroll past without even acknowledging and so forth.

This would allow me to understand my visitors, quickly make changes to my site and bump up conversion rates by 200% or more, almost overnight.

I would have highly recommended that you use a similar service as well, because it gives you “inside intelligence” that you can’t get any other way.

The reason I never mentioned this is that such services can be really expensive – like $1,000+ per-year expensive.

… until now…

How to TRIPLE your sales and leads in ONE day -  without getting more traffic.

Matt Callen and Mark Thompson have just released Heat Map Tracker version 2.0.

6,500+ marketers had bought the first version, and they contributed ideas on how to make it even better. That’s what version 2.0 is all about.

heat-map-tracker-3You need to watch the demo video above to see how powerful this software is… and how much you can actually learn by seeing how REAL visitors engage with your site.

Basically, you can look into your visitors’ mind, learn why they bought from you… OR even why they decided to leave your page.


The software can generate heatmaps of your pages.

It can show you where people CLICK.

It can also show you where people place their cursor, even if they don’t click.

Watch “movies” of your visitors browsing your site:

heat map tracker review

Feel free to click the image above, to see it in full size. You get to see all kinds of information about your visitors. Their operating system, their browser, their IP address, their country, how long they stayed on your site, and exactly which page they visited.

See the most popular pages on your site:

heat map tracker 2.0You can see a “pie” of which pages on your site your people visited.You will also get a list of the exact URLs.

Feel free to click the image on the right, to see it in full size.

This shows the stats for my own website, a few hours after I installed the software.


You can use it on static sites, or in WordPress sites.

If you want to use it on a WordPress site, there’s a free “Insert Headers and Footers” plugin that will allow you to add the necessary tracking code to your entire site in about 5 seconds. It’s literally “copy, paste, click, done!”


For 10 days only, the software will be available at 70% off!

If you want to use the software for YOUR OWN SITES, You can get access to it for:

a) $27 per month…

b) $77 per year…


c) $297 (one-time payment for lifetime access).

If you want to WHITE LABEL the software and use it to attract clients who pay you to use it, then you can get access to the AGENCY license for:

a) $47 per month…

b) $197 per year…


c) $397 (one-time payment for lifetime access).


1) If you purchase the PERSONAL license, you will see these upsells:

heat-map-tracker--personal-oto-1a) An app that “spies” on top sites like Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter and uncovers opportunities for you to create interesting content and get traffic.

<<== Click the image to see OTO 1


heat-map-tracker--personal-oto-2b) A course explaining 8 techniques to GET TRAFFIC INSTANTLY with Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google, forums, emails and webinars.

<<== Click the image to see OTO 2


heat-map-tracker--personal-or-agency-oto-3c) A 6-week online workshop on creating best-selling products and marketing them. This is high-end stuff. Normal price is $997. You get it for $497, and in my opinion it’s a steal, because it teaches you how to build a REAL and PROFITABLE online business. This is a fantastic course – honestly.

<<== Click the image to see OTO 3

2) If you purchase the AGENCY license, you will see these upsells:

heat-map-tracker--agency-oto-1a) A white-label app that tracks several marketing metrics for your clients.

Click the image to see OTO 1 ==>



heat-map-tracker--agency-oto-2b) A link-building management app. It’s powered by “real people” who find new link-building opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Click the image to see OTO 2 ==>



heat-map-tracker--personal-or-agency-oto-3c) A 6-week online workshop on creating best-selling products and marketing them. Same as “c” above.

Click the image to see OTO 3 ==>


I’ve thought long and hard about what bonus I could offer you for such a product.

So, here’s the deal:

Every time I browse an online marketing forum, I see the same things: Confusion, negativity, people who miss the big picture and who waste money instead of making it.

So, I racked my brains and put together a collection of “points” that would allow “the typical marketing newbie” to start getting some great results… fast. Heck, there’s great stuff even for intermediate or advanced marketers here.

I call this:

“Make $5K a month: The things you need to change in order to go from making peanuts to earning a full-time online income…”

Make $5K a monthI know it’s a lame title, but I was so tired after I finished putting it  together, that I couldn’t come up with something better. I spent the ENTIRE DAY yesterday (there goes my Sunday), putting this together for you.

I can easily see selling it by itself. In my humble opinion, the content in it will be more valuable to you than complicated courses going for $197 or more.

I cover both “mindset” as well as “do this, do that” tactics.

I have formatted this content as a web page and uploaded it to my server.

If you are sick and tired of marketers giving you “bonuses worth $4,997″, while in reality it’s just a bunch of crappy PLR they found on their hard drive, you’re going to LOVE this.

Anyway… I will give access to it to the first 15 people who ask for a copy.

Here’s how to claim your bonus:

Step 1: Buy Heat Map Tracker.

Step 2: Forward me your email receipt at george.katsoudas.bonus [at]

That’s it! I’ll send you the link to the bonus as soon as I see your message and verify your order!

If you have any questions or comments, post them below and I’ll answer as best as I can.

Thanks and I’m looking forward to sending you your bonus!


FB Profit Classroom review and bonus

A lot of people love the idea of quitting
their jobs.

I don’t blame them.

The 9-5 is rough. Very rough.

Personally, I think humans are not meant to
work that much – and definitely not while
doing things they hate.

I think there’s a better way to make ends

Which is why I work from home to make money

Because it allows me to control my time.

I wake up when I want to.

I don’t have to take orders from a boss who
knows less than I do.

But it wasn’t always this way.

In fact, I struggled for YEARS trying to make
money online.

And then I figured out one thing, which
opened the door to controlling my life.

That one thing?

I learned how to build traffic.

And not just any traffic. Traffic that bought
my products or the products I promoted as an

Once I figured that out, I had the key to
making money online.

I had the key to freedom.


I know I’m not the only person who’s ever
struggled with building traffic.

In fact, it’s one of the most common

If you don’t know how to get buying traffic,
no matter how good you get at internet
marketing, you’ll never make good money.

If you DO know how to build buying traffic,
you can print money.

And you don’t have to wait for months to get
it either.

Believe it or not, there are ways to get
traffic in less than 24 hours.

Here’s one:

FB Profit Classroom review

This is a to-the-point course on
getting traffic from Facebook, that gave
me many “a-ha” moments.

Talk soon,


PS. If you get the course through the link
in this email, you will also receive a BONUS
I just finished putting together. It’s called:

“8-step checklist to earn 5-figures per month,
working from home part-time.”

You don’t need to email me. The bonus is
already waiting for you, in the download area. :-)

Content creation solved

What’s the most time-consuming part of making money with SEO?

It’s not hard to guess…

Content creation.

If you rank well on Google, you get a flood of targeted, buying traffic.

It’s awesome.

But to get to that point, you need to write content.

Lots and lots of content.

And thanks to Google’s algorithm, you need to be publishing it frequently.

If you stop, even for just a little, you’ll see rankings plummet, and traffic decreasing.

I want to tell you about a solution to this problem.

Because to be honest… writing burns me out as well. Bad.

I can do it for a while.

But after a few weeks, I want to tear my hair out.

And I’m sure you can relate, when I say that coming up with new post ideas… makes me crazy!

I just came across a cool WordPress theme and plugin combo, that does the following:

1) Pulls targeted, money keywords from the Google Keyword Planner

2) Automatically creates SEO optimized categories on your site, for every keyword (up to 900).

3) Curates content and spins it (while still making sure it’s very readable).

4) Collects relevant, valuable images and video from around the net.

5) Publishes posts at a rate you specify.

Can you see the power of this tool?

Well, let me sum it up for you.

You can literally make a website, upload this plugin, upload your keywords, and get it curating content in 10 minutes.

…and then you let it generate content for you, completely on autopilot.

This is real, high-quality content, that’s keyword rich and will absolutely get your site ranking.

To learn more about this plugin, and see a demo of how it works, click here:

If writing content burns you out, but you love making money online, watch the video.

I know you’ll be psyched on it.

Until next time.


[Your site] + [this WordPress plugin] = Amazon $$$

Holiday season is fast approaching
and people are shopping like crazy.

This time of year, physical product
sales dwarf all others.

Naturally, people want something
they can tuck under the tree – not
some “digital product.”

And guess where many of those
people will buy from? AMAZON.

Do you want a way to make your
site stand out
from everyone else’s
who promotes Amazon products?

Check this out:

This is a WordPress plugin that
easily monetizes your site.

It lets your visitors search by keyword,
category, manufacturer and desired
DISCOUNT (people love discounts).

It also displays a countdown timer
warning visitors that there’s only a
few shopping days left until the next
major holiday.

For example: “Only 3 Shopping Days
Left Until Valentine’s Day!”

This creates real urgency and boosts
conversions even more.

Not to mention, it cookies you for 90 days
instead of Amazon’s usual 24 hours.

Here’s the link again.

Talk soon!


PS. For a limited time, you are getting a
MULTI-SITE license for this plugin for
the price of a single-site license:

Takeaways from the Warrior Event 2014!

Just wanted to give you a quick heads up:

In March 22-23, 100ds of marketers
gathered in Raleigh, North Carolina
for the Warrior event.

The video and audio recordings of the
event have just been made available:


You will get more value from these videos,
if you are relatively new to IM.

However, there’s definitely stuff in there
that the more experienced marketers
can learn from.

To be 100% honest with you, I felt that
a couple of the presentations were slightly
salesy and a little light on content.

However, there were also videos with a
lot of practical “do this, do that” stuff from
experienced marketers who have “been
there, done that.”


After you purchase, you will see an OTO
for the the video and audio recordings of
ALL the Warrior events of the last 5 years

I HIGHLY recommend you get access to
them, because some of those videos are

I have been marketing online for more than
10 years and I took away many nuggets of
wisdom that “set my head straight.”


“I know plenty of idiots who make
a million dollars a year online.”

“There’s a ton of great stuff out there.
Find it, sell it, make money.”

“Just go out there and sell. And even
if nobody buys, who cares (nobody
will know anyway)!”

“There is sublime thieving in all giving.
Someone gives us all he has, and we
are his.” (Eric Hoffer)

Here’s the link again:

Talk soon,


PS. The videos cover a wide range of subjects:
Mindset, how to create a product, how to get
free or paid traffic, how to be more productive etc…

One of my little SECRETS (and how to apply it in 5 minutes)

There’s something I have been
doing for YEARS, that has been
paying HUGE dividends. That is:


I will ask them what features they want
in a plugin I develop, I will ask them how
I can improve one of my websites, etc.

The cool part?


This allows me to create products people
want, presented in a way people understand.

Here’s a simple way to do the same:


This is an online app (nothing for you
to install), that lets you create TALKING
SURVEYS, in 5 minutes flat!

You can use them on your website,
as well as on your Facebook page.

The surveys will also look really nice
in mobile devices.

Social Mobi Surveys review


You can use the app to:

- Gather email leads (works with all
major autoresponders)

- Segment your list

- Give your customers what they want.


1) You log in from any location to the
app’s dashboard and choose from one
of the 20 pre-designed templates, or
create your own with the template
builder and image library.

2) Decide what you want to give people,
in exchange for their opinion. The app
lets you redirect them to a URL, download
a file or show a video, after they enter their

3) Use the special link the app gives you,
anywhere you like (like on your site, or
FaceBook page.)


The price will be going up soon, but you
can still take advantage of the early-bird

You can watch demos of the app
in action, on the link above.

Talk soon,


PS. Once you buy access to the app, email me at
george.katsoudas.bonus [AT]
and let me know:

a) which Paypal email you purchased with.

b) Which one of my WordPress plugins
you want. I will send it to you as a bonus!

Here’s the link again:


How to get more traffic from YouTube (app does it for you)

YouTube is a traffic JUGGERNAUT!
(as if you didn’t know already).

A video can get 1000ds of views within
a couple of days.

If you want to become a PRO at getting
traffic from YouTube (either to rank your
own videos, or those of your clients),
then you will love this:

tube avenger review

This is a desktop app that does things like:

1) It gives you great keyword ideas to target

2) It gives you ideas on how to name your videos

3) Tracks the ranking of any YouTube video
(personal, client or your competitors) in
search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

4) Provides charts and history of your video rankings

5) Finds related videos you can post a comment
under and get more traffic to your videos or sites

… and much more!

There are several apps online that do only
ONE of those things, and they can cost
anywhere from $97 to $197+. This one does
it all, and it’s much more affordable to boot!

You can watch a video demo of the app here:

Talk soon!


PS. I got permission from the creator of the app
to send you the pdf user guide, so you will know
exactly what you are getting. You can download
it from here: